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Happy Friday!

I am going into this weekend with a new apartment, new position at work, and plans to see all my favorite people!


I am going to attempt this Friday Favorites thing I used to do back in the day, but a bit differently than before. Here’s a round up of everything that entertained me this week.


  • Christina Aguilera slays with a Britney Spears impersonation on The Tonight Show. The whole segment is worth watching but the Britney impression begins at 1:45. Check it out here.
  • Speaking of Christina Aguilera, Ed Sheeran proves, once again, that he is the shit by covering “Dirrty”.
  • Bill Murray is quite possibly one of the most interesting people in the world. So interesting, the only way to get a hold of him is a 1-800 number. Read about what it is like to cast Bill Murray here.
  • In fact, you should just read this entire web site full of Bill Murray run ins, here.
  • An instant camera case for smartphones. YES, PLEASE.
  • Even though I did not think this last season was the best, I will be missing Parks & Rec for these reasons, and more.
  • Sweet, sweet music to my ears. You will want to hear this Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith mash up.
  • I’ve never seen a bad installment of Jimmy Kimmels’ “Lie Witness News”. This Oscar version is hilarious!
  • Who else is excited that Kelly Clarkson finally back on the music scene?? She has been linking to new music via Twitter all week!
  • Is it considered a guilty pleasure to enjoy Teen Mom if you’re not ashamed about it? The original teen moms are back next month! Check out the new season’s trailer here.
  • If you enjoy puns and grammar, you’ll enjoy this.
  • And finally, some babies look like old men and it’s the most endearing thing ever. Add captions, and it’s the funniest thing ever.

What you may have missing on Seeking Style this week:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Jen said:

    Sounds like you have a fantastic weekend in store! Great list- I love Bill Murray, so these links are lots of fun 🙂

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