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I have not been able to say TGIF in a long time and mean it! When I worked at home, and on Saturdays (verrrryyyy early in the morning), I was more thankful for Saturday afternoon naps. This week, however, I am very much into thanking God that it’s Friday!


This photo is from my latest ModCloth shoot. I will share more soon! Stolen from the wonderful Christina Emilie’s Instagram!
I wish all of you babes a beautiful weekend! Please enjoy what made me smile this week! Be forewarned, there are a few tear triggering videos in this listt; happy tears though! I am such a cry baby.
  • Derek Zoolander and Hansel crashed the Valentino runway during Paris Fashion Week and it was like no time had passed at all since 2001! We have to wait an year for the sequal, but this short backstage video may help tide you over.
  • I am perpetually stuck in the 90’s and agree with the fact that 1999 was the greatest year in music. This reads like an overview of my music library.
  • Kids really do say the darndest things! I wish I was this cool when I was little. I wish I was this cool now! I may have a bit more hope for our future now; this little lady has her priorities straight!
  • Dance like no one’s watching! If only we could all have as much fun at work as this flight attendant does.
  • I know old people freak some people out, but I love them and find them so endearing! They have so much knowledge, so much to share, and have loved like we only dream of.  A 70 year old love letter was found in the sleeve of a record, belonging to a WWII vet and made its way back to him. I had to pause this video a few times to cry so many happy, ugly tears.
  • Tom Hanks is really winning the Internets lately: First, he hangs out with his old pal Wilson. Then, he stars in no other than Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music video. Now, he helps the Girl Scouts sell cookies.
  • This may have begun as an advertising gimmick, but the fact that everyone in this small town willingly took their time to take sign language lessons for a month to be able to speak to one hearing impaired man is pretty amazing.
  • I’m a bit behind, but who knew Kevin Spacey was such a great celebrity impressionist! Hilarious!
  •  I apologize for this next one; luckily, you probably still have your tissues handy! I cry at the drop of a hat even thinking about someone close to be passing, and I am so overwhelmed with grief watching this video. How sweet is it for her to get this little bit of help in her dark time.
  • I never went through the college phase of drinking heavily, but I have had my moments. I really resonate with this story of how this woman came out of a year without drinking. I don’t plan on giving it up, but I’m certain that I’ve reach my limits on blackout nights and wasting the next two days paying for it.
  • I am ending this Friday Favorites with a bit of a shameless non-self promotion: My brother’s bar  is nominated for Best Neighborhood Bar in Sacramento and it would mean the world to me if you took 3 seconds to give him a vote. You may not have been there, but you can trust me! Click here!

p.s. I just tried to show my husband the love letter video with the WWII Vet, and I broke down in tears before even pressing play. Seriously, if you’ll only click one link today, click that one.

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