Zip Lining

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David and I went zip lining with Action Zipline Tours, in Big Bear, CA this last weekend.


It was literally the scariest thing I have ever done and I’m not sure that I would it again, but it was really amazing, in hindsight. During the fact, I was terrifed, frozen in fear, speechless, and shaking the entire time. I’m really proud of myself for going through with it! This was David’s Christmas present from me, and I didn’t want to let him down. The tour guides knew how scared I was, and they were sure to let me know I had an out whenever the tower had stairs or a ladder or that I could ride connected to them, but I did it all by myself!

David, on the other hand, is a natural! He had no fear; he lept off backwards, spun around, and zipped around with no hands!



Don’t let the phots fool you; I can’t help but be on for a camera!



If you are interested in zip lining in Southern California, I would definitely recommend Action Zipline Tours! The instructors were very patient and understanding, and although I was scared for my life because of what was in my own head, I was completely confident in the guides and trusted every word they told me. They never made me feel silly for being scared and were encouraging the entire way.

This post is in no way sponsored, so you know it must be true!


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  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like a lot of fun! I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now so I can’t really go do it but it’s on my list for one day. There are heaps of places where I live (Australia) they do similar things!

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