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Happy Fri-YAY!

This week was a long one. I’m looking forward to seeing some family this weekend and taking it a little slower than the last few. We don’t have any big Easter plans besides brunch and possibly a flea market in Hollywood. I haven’t made the time to find a church in Los Angeles; I do feel a bit strange going to one other than the one I grew up in. Is anyone familiar with any  Catholic churches in the Los Angeles area?

I missed my Friday Favorites last week, but not to worry, you will be fully entertained this week! Click the bold to see what’s been going on!


  • The best uncle in the entire world.
  • Goodness gracious, my biological clock must be ticking because kids are the cutest things ever.
  • From kids to old people. I adore old people. Especially when they have humor!
  • I already loved walking through the rain, but this gives me another reason to.
  • Ok, I would die. Mariah Carey just singing her own songs in the car.
  • Attention Men: Do not read this. All of the maybe one of you that come across this blog: you’ll be sorry. On the other hand, Women: Spot. On.No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little bit.
  • If I didn’t realize it before, I do now; The majority of my Instagram feed is made up of bloggers.
  • I may not be a Directioner, but I am a part of the #BackstreetArmy and I went through the same thing when Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006. Luckily for me, he came back a few years go. There is hope, girls! Until then, there is cookies and sleep overs with your fellow fans.
  • So! Excited! Key & Peele’s Substitute Teacher sketch is being made into a movie!
  • If you don’t love Tom Hanks, I don’t love you. Also, a live action Woody may be the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  • I live in the worst city for traffic, and I can’t blame a guy for trying to get around it!
  • I’ve never been in love with the term “plus size”  – a woman is a woman and her size is her size. Men don’t have clothing ranges for “plus” sizes; why do women have to be scrutinezed for being all types of shapes and sizes?

What you may have missed on Seeking Style this week:

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