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I have huge plans to do absolutely nothing this weekend and I am so excited! The last two months of weekends have been full of things to do, people to see, and places to go; which sounds like what weekends should be all about, but I need a breather and I need to catch up on my sleep!

See, look, I even fall asleep sitting upright on roofs theses days! Obviously, I’m joking, but I have been super sleepy these last couple of weeks. I’ve definitely been staying up past my bedtime lately!


I know, I know: I am easily amused! I hope you enjoy what entertined me this week!

    • The Kardashions are a not so guilty pleasure of mine; this is pretty much proof that Kylie is trying to take over Kim’s life.
    • I don’t think there is a soul on this planet that has any negative feelings about Hilary Duff. I wish I was her. Since that is not possible, and pretty creepy, I will settle for new music!
    • I know people needed a break from Anne Hathaway for a while, but let’s let it go and embrace this Queen as she deserves! She absolutely killed it on Lip Sync Battle this week! And obviously, Emily Blunt slays as usual.
    • I’m going to need someone to buy me this very perfect dress.
    • I’ve never seen someone so embarassed that their phone went off and isn’t it the most adorable thing?
    • If you add drunk people to fitness quotes things get hilarious.
    • This is the only version of Furious 7 you need to see.
    • This Canadian Raising the Roof to benefit the homeless PSA is heartbreaking. #HumansForHumans.
    • Always think of yourself as beautiful.
    • Even teens today know that the 90’s was the best decade for music. You know I have to shout out that everyone knew I Want it That Way!
    • I may love the music of he 90’s, but I’m glad fashion has upgraded. So are today’s teens.
    • I could barely get through the first episode of the first season, but I am looking forward to checking out the second season of True Detective; Rachel McAdams can do no wrong so I have to give it a shot!

I hope your weekend is full of rest, relaxation and Netflix marathons!

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  1. haha I was the same way about my weekend too! I love your outfit!

  2. Tanya said:

    I love the dress!

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