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I hope you’re winding down from your work week and gearing up for a beautiful weekend!

I am so excited with my Crossroads finds at their Spring Social shopping party in West Hollywood last night! Unfortunately, it got too dark before I was able to take outfit photos, but I plan to recreate it this weekend and share next week.


Do you know Amelia from Clothes Horse NYC? If not, you should.

I hope you enjoy a few things that made me smile this week!

  • My husband has hit a career high and I am so proud of him! He has edited the trailor for the new documentary, Fresh Dressed, featuring Kanye West, Sean Combs, and Pharrell Williams!
  • Sacramento is better than you think it is!
  • I heart Snapchat and I wish my Snapchat friends were more talented.
  • Speaking of Snapchat, watching “elders” learn about it and how to use it reminds me of myself. I am terrible with technology and I think I could go without it. But as long as it’s in my hands, I am also happy with it!
  • I know the rioting is terrible, and I am not here to get political, so I will just leave this here: This mom knows what’s up.
  • This is the sweetest surprise and the prettiest dress!
  • Jason Alexander recorded the most amazing voicemail message for Kat Dennings and I’ve never been more jealous.
  • I can’t even speak about Grey’s Anatomy right now; 1, because I have refused to watch the last couple of episodes and 2, because I am pretending not to know what I know even thought I haven’t watched said episodes. So let’s just reminisce about Christina Yang instead.
  • Straight Teen Asks Gay Best Friend To Prom: self explanatory, and just as sweet as it sounds.
  • I don’t know where they came up with any of the information on my parody Wikipedia page, but I now have new goals in life.

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