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A Friday after a short week is a Friday after my heart!

I spent last weekend up at home in Sacramento for my cousin’s wedding. If you follow me on Instagram, you know they got major points for Capt’n Crunch Donuts and the best photobooth!

Flashback Friday to my own wedding photobooth! I plan on sharing wedding pictures very, very soon!

 photo bbwedding4_0003_out_zpstqfaxg9f.jpg

I’ve have birthdays, an anniversary, a Vegas trip, and another short, but highly anticipated, trip planed home in the coming month. This weekend is all about laying low, hopefully putting more final touches on the apartment – we’re slow, ok! – and getting my butt to Class Pass classes! I’m obsessed. Seriously, not even a plug. Just a recommendation. I’ve already got 3 people signed up! Does anyone have it? We can be friends on it!

On to what amused me the past  (two – oops, forgot about last week) weeks!

  • Obsess with me. You know you’re in love with Hilary Duff. My Queen is back!
  • Don’t hate me, but I’ve never been a Muppets fan… until possibly now. The Muppets, in the style of The Office? I will have to check it out!
  • I don’t think I have ever disagreed with Karl Pilkington and that scares me a bit.
  • This video of a woman taking off her makeup has gone viral. She looks so different – still beautiful! – but it’s crazy what makeup can do.
  • The EMT and the woman he saved from her absuvie ex-boyfriend (if you call being stabbed 32 times abusive, more like psychotic) are now engaged. It’s kind of a super romatic, twisted fairytale. Read about it here.
  • Can someone please adopt this old man? My heart is breaking and if I could, I would in a heartbeat.
  • Melissa McCarthy is a badass and one of my favorite actresses. She is amazingly talented and it’s good to know that is is not afraid to be honest!
  • Why are children just the most precious things ever!
  • Everything here is my entire life!
  • I have a sudden urge for all of these desk accessories. I think you will too if you click this link.
  • I thought I was bad at impressions, and then I saw Adam Devine in this video.
  • Friday Favorites should just be renamed Buzzfeed favorites because half of the links come from that site. But really, how can I not share 21 GIFs that Perfectly Sum Up Life, when they actually do!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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