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It’s been a long, stressful week, but we made it to Friday! My car died, I’ve worked 13 hour days all week, and our Vegas trip had to be cancelled. Not the best week, but I’m trying my best to see the bright side of it all. I was in a pretty low funk for a couple of days but David dragged me out of it, whether I wanted to be or not (hint: I did not)! Since our weekend was unexpectedly cancelled, we have the weekend wide open. I’m sure it will be filled with cleaning, errands and hopefully a nice date to celebrate our 9 year anniversary on Sunday! We have a new anniversary now since the wedding, but June 14th will always be so special to me; Gooey, mushy special!

Since this week was so stressful, I didn’t have as much time to peruse the Intranets as normal, so I didn’t have enough Friday Favorites recommendations for this post. Now, I did have time to do a bit of online shopping; I don’t know about you, but shopping is the ultimate de-stresser. Even if it’s just for fun, online window shopping. Take a peak at some of the outfits I put together with my favorite finds from!

Make sure and tell me what your favorite outfit from below is!

Have a beautiful weekend!

This would be the perfect outfit to spend the weekend in, running errands, grabbing brunch, anything! I’m so in love!


This is my dream day to night date outfit! Super cute sneakers for day time can easily be swapped out for heels, but let’s be honest, flats are in and my feet could not be happier!

SheInside by jabeile featuring a red purse

A little boho, a little 90’s, and a lot adorable! I would reapeat this outfit more than I would like to admit!


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