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Happy Friday on this hot hot hot holiday weekend! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and I am so happy to be home spending it with my family, while being able to celebrate both, my brother and my sister’s brithdays as well. It’s a short trip, so I am packing it all in and will probably hate Monday morning just a tiny bit more next week.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

How cute is this photobooth set up we had at work!


  • Well, you can’t say that Shia LaBeouf isn’t passionate about life and he certainly isn’t wrong!
  • Beauty is more than skin deep and YouTube vlogger, My Pale Skin, shut down the haters completely. She is beautiful. Also, grab a tissue.
  • This Mother-Daughter dance duo is everything! #Goals
  • I am a bit old school and prefer books, newspapers, and magazines over reading online, and Ikea’s Apple mockery is kind of the best.
  • In defense of “fat” trainers. Fitness is measured in strength and ability, not necessarily how thin or cut you are.
  • Speaking of fit,  Aly Raisman’s body is amazing. Fit goals, for sure.
  • Do you want to turn into a Victoria’s Secret model? All you need to do is undergo hell.
  • Or, you can love and accept your beautiful, strong, amazing body be your own Victoria’s Secret model!
  • NSFW: I am officially scared and in love with Rihanna.
  • Remember when Taylor Swift got her panties in a wad over Apple’s new streaming service and it only took them 5 minuts to bow down and change their mind for her? Do you secretly wonder if they were in cahoots?
  • We need more women like Amy Schumer. Until then, let’s just watch her new show.
  • I am so glad I don’t have to be in the dating scene these days, I could not image. I’d be terrible. Just watching this “First Textual Experience” gives me anxiety.

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