Our Wedding Story, Part 1: Before

All photos taken by the absolutely wonderful Lixxim Photography!

Our one year wedding anniversary is August 30th and I wanted to celebrate by sharing some wedding photos!

11270179_10152770016042234_6749361598921470572_nOur wedding day was the best day of my life. Every single cliche you hear about wedding days? It’s all true. It goes by in what seems like the blink of an eye, it is the best day of your life, and there is actually such thing as post wedding depression. We planned the wedding without hired help and I have never been so stressed in my life, especially the month leading in. After it was over, I was able to let out a huge sigh of relief, and at the same time, when we left Sacramento to come back to LA, I cried. I was going to miss the experience and the day so much. The most amazing thing was to have all my loved ones in the same place at the same time. I will never forget the happiness I felt seeing faces that are usually scattered across the state, even the country, all with me at one time.

We had a simple wedding, held on a farm in Sacramento, California. We planned it to be fun; It is supposed to be a party! We had a photobooth, games, dancing, of course, and a jumping pillow. That’s right, an adult bounce house built right into the ground. We’ve heard time and time again that it was the most fun wedding people have been to; I am biased, so of course I agree! Looking back, there is absolutely nothing I would change, even the little mishaps here and there. They all led up to and created the most beautiful and loving day I have ever been a part of.

Getting ready, I was surprisingly not nervous. I felt nerves as the months and weeks crept closer, but the morning of, I was the most calm of everyone around me. I was almost worried that I did not feel nervous; on any normal day, I am a complete ball of worry, the mom of the group. My mom told me she was surprised I didn’t have an ulcer by the time I was 12. You’re 20 minutes late and not answering your phone? You must be in a horrific accident. Not this day though. I was calm, collected, serene. Everything was running smoothly, as far as anyone let me know, and I was going to marry my match.

I hope you enjoy this peak into the most perfect day.

Part 1: Before


11269286_10152769922262234_414097062017592222_n 17113_10152769921542234_6439031412623419309_n(1)11259815_10152769919802234_5250647826432260944_n     11151010_10152769919297234_338420450165523838_n210423268_10152769920547234_6014565669300199733_n311207375_10152769924307234_9127228165648406714_n11244585_10152769955227234_3871361902568170127_n4


Part 2: During; the Ceremony and Portraits. Coming Soon…


All photos taken by the absolutely wonderful Lixxim Photography!

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