Our Wedding Story, Part 2: During; the Ceremony and Portraits

All photos taken by the absolutely wonderful Lixxim Photography!

Our one year wedding anniversary is August 30th and I wanted to celebrate by sharing some wedding photos!


The only time I felt nervous butterflies on our wedding day was right before my Dad and I began walking down the aisle. Admittedly, I think it was because I was walking on grass in heels towards every person I know and love and they would all be staring at me. It could have been a tiny bit of nerves and excitement, though I was unusually calm and serene the entire day. I was a tiny bit shaky once I got to the front and the ceremony officially began, but a nearby goat that decided to join in and cheer us on during our vows broke the tension. Through the goat, some strong wind, bright sun, and the struggle to get the rings on (but really, is it easy for anyone to get each others rings on during the ceremony?), we had some laughs and definitely some tears throughout the very short ceremony. Once the “I do’s” and the kiss came, I could not contain my absolute joy and basically danced down the aisle!

I am the one in the family that is obsessed with taking photos, especially during the holidays. Luckily for me, everyone had to comply and happily take photos with me. I attempted to create a shoot list for the portraits, but left it behind, figuring we could wing it. We took plenty of photos, and I wish I could share them all; our photographer took the most he has ever taken at a wedding! I could have kept going a bit longer, but we were itching to get to our party!


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pizap.com14406910388073 pizap.com14406929942801


Part 3, After: Details and Reception coming soon


All photos taken by the absolutely wonderful Lixxim Photography!

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