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I don’t think the jumpsuit trend will ever end for me. It’s just too easy. Even when it goes back to just being for babies and little kids, I’ll still be here, wearing my jumpsuits, being more comfortable than you. Yes, it makes using the restroom more of a chore, especially if I have a jacket on, but I think the all day comfort wins. I don’t even rush to change into my sweats when I get home if I’m wearing a jumpsuit because it already feels like I’m in them. It’s genius, really.

And these platform sandals are everything to me and I’ve owned them for les than 48 hours. I wasn’t sure if they were silly or cute, but at this point, I don’t even care because I get the height of heels and the comfort of flats and they are everything I didn’t know I needed and now I don’t want to take them off. Also, I feel like a Spice Girl. You know they were all about the platforms.

So that’s my life right now.

Oh, and we got a puppy. Scroll to the bottom to see the cutest little girl ever!


// Jumpsuit: Thrifted via Crossroads (TopShop) // Sandals: Target //

Untitled Untitled

Meet Phoebe. The sweetest, tiniest Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. And yes, I have to look up the spelling to both of those every. damn. time. But she’s worth it.

Guys, she’s two pounds. That’s how much butter goes into one frosting recipe. How much do you want to cry right now at this tiny two pound puppy that only wants to give you kisses? So much, right?


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  1. andrea said:

    looks great ,Love that jumpsuit

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