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Happy Monday!

I am still working on eating my way through the pound of chocolates from Valentine’s Day and I am so fine with that! We had a very simple date night, including dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Mud Hen Tavern, which is owned by Top Chef Master Susan Feniger, who is such a sweetheart and often brings out the food herself and will take the time to talk to you and thank you for coming. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please go there and order the kaya toast. There’s nothing more you will need in your life. After dinner, we went to see Meiko at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, which is the perfect venue; very small and intimate. It’s a wonderful place to discover new music. Although it was a short show, I had not seen her perform in a few years and was very excited to see her announce the last minute show! She just released a new EP that I very much recommend if you enjoy the singer songwriter sound.

photo 4

// Dress + Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Heels: Target // Purse: Found via Crossroads Trading Co // Necklace: c/o Crossroads Trading Co //

Oh the wrinkles! The dreaded wrinkles! I thought about ironing the dress before we went out for Valentine’s Day, and decided since it would wrinkle right back up the second I sat in the car, it was not worth my time. I apologize to those offended by wrinkles; I’m just lazy! they just do not bother me as much.

Speaking of the only thing needed in life: shift dresses. Give me a drapey dress, with no cling or shape, and I am a happy girl. A lazy, comfortable, happy girl!

photo 2

photo 1 (2)

photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (3)

photo 3

I am starting off this Monday with a ton of energy, and it’s giving me hope for a very productive week! Do you have any plans for this week? How do you keep your productivity going throughout the week?

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Saturday was David and I’s 8 year anniversay. 8 years. Like, E-I-G-HT-. That is such a long time. We met right before I turned 20 and became official with the adorable, “Will you be my girlfriend?” question on the night before his brithdaty. So this weeked has always been a busy weekend of celebrating for us with our anniversary and his birthday. In just a few short months, we will have a new anniversary date after the wedding, but I will always hold “The 14th” close to my heart.


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Do you remember when I wrote about our date to Cool Haus via HowAboutWe? That was a completely non sponsored post because I loved the idea of the web site and we are members on our own. So, imagine how excited I was to be invited by the HowAboutWe team to attend the Santa Monica Wine Festival on Saturday?! It was perfect timing with our anniversary!


HowAboutWe puts together some of the best and creative date options for couples in your city and offers each date at a per couple rate for members. David and I have been members for a few months now and have been satisifed with each date we have been on. It is such a great resource for those couples who always do the same thing, or who never know what to do! It solves the “Well, what do you want to do tonight?” dilemma. Plus, you get one free date night a month!



// Dress: Crossroads Trading Co // Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Purse: Gift //

We spent some time at the Santa Monica Wine Festival before heading to our dinner resversations. I am not a wine lover, but I do like sweet, dessert wines. My favorite wine at the festival was Myx Fusions Moscato, especially the peach flavor. So sweet and crisp! I did try a lof of deeper, drier wines. I can see why people like them, but maybe my palette is not as sophisticated just yet. I tend to keep to white wines, the sweeter the better!

The next date that I have my eye on from HowAboutWe is the Outdoor Movie Screening and I think it was would hilarious to take the Hands-On Class at DJ Scratch Academy. I am telling you, they have some very unique, new date night ideas. Defintiely check out HowAboutWe for some of the best date night ideas

After the wine festival we had dinner at Firenze Osteria, my favorite Italian restaurants. There may be better ones, but I am such a big fan of Fabio Viviani of Top Chef fame, that I am loyal to Firenze Osteria! We ate until we hurt and then of course we went to get frozen yougurt because one, we’re classy, and two, we’re gluttons for punishment.




Our anniversary is special each year, but I think this one was the most because it is our last one on the original date. We originally planned to have our wedding day on June 14th, so we could keep the same anniversary for sentimental reasons, but that did not work with the venue we chose. Last night David says, “We were supposed to get married today!” I am actually happy that we are going to have a different wedding anniversary and dating anniversary because they are two very different times and aspects of our relationships. We will always give a nod to the 14th!

// I swear this was only our first drink! We used the new You&Me app photobooth feature. I always love photobooths and now I always have one! //


Yesterday we spent David’s birthday sleeping and eating bad food. There really is no other way to celebrate!

Click the photo to see the cake tutorial I used to make polka dots on the inside!


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I scream, you scream, who doesn’t scream for ice cream?

You may be a bit confused if you saw my last post about the cleanse I am starting. I did say I am starting it Thursday, meaning tomorrow. Or today, if you are reading this on Thursday, perhaps yesterday. The point is that it might not have been the best idea, but I figured I could have one last treat before I began my cleanse.

We signed up for this website, How About We, a few weeks back. It is a monthly subscription based site that offers discounts for select dates each month, even offering a selection of one free date a month! They even offer a free congierge that will help you plan and book a date, with suggestions of restaurants, getaways, shows, or even fitness classes.

We are the kind of couple who never know what to do or cannot seem to agree. I am really excited for the monthly free dates, but they offer so many great options for discounted dates, and ideas I would never think of. They have things like photography classes, painting classes, city tours, fitness classes, and so on. The offers change monthly. Also, the price you see is always the price for two, so there is never any confusion with the price!

Our trip to Cool Haus was our first free date from the site.




Ice cream sandwiches. I mean, what else can you want in life?
I had the Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cookie with half Molten Chocolate Cake ice cream and Honeycomb ice cream. It may have been one of the best things I’ve eaten. David had the Potato Chip and Butterscotch cookies with the Whiskey Lucky Charms ice cream.

Anyone who mixes ice cream and cookies with cereal flavors is good in my book.


You better believe we both finished the whole thing!


Now that I am begining my cleanse tomorrow, I am looking forward to using more of How About We’s fitness based dates, or experiences, rather than desserts and food dates. I am pretty happy that I was able to fit in the Cool Haus date before my cleanse began, though!

I do want to specify that I was not approached to write a review about How About We or Cool Haus. I just thought this would be a fun post and I really enjoyed Cool Haus and I love the idea of How About We; it’s like Groupon for dates! I think it is especially beneficial for those who can never think of anything to do (like us!); it provides fresh, new, unique date ideas. It does not have to just be a romantic date, either. A lot of the options would be great to share with a friend!

And while we are not judging me for my last hurrah, we also had burger and fries that night from Umami.


Like I said, I am in need of this cleanse!

Where do you find inspiration for new date or friend outting ideas?

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Let’s pretend this is Wendesday and I’m not a day behind. It’ll be our little secret.

Yes, the rumors are true: I clean up pretty nicely. Ugly Mug and I went to dinner at Mastro’s in Beverly Hills, so posh, so snooty, and so delicious, to catch up with an old friend the other night, so I got to play dress up. I have been wanting to share this leather jacket in an outfit post since I recieved it from Crossroads Trading Co, but never felt like I had it styled well enough. When we decided on Mastro’s and I knew I was going to wear this dress, I knew this beauty would look amazing over it. You cannot go wrong with paring orange (gold?) and blue. It’s not possible. 




// Jacket: c/o Crossroads Trading Co // Dress: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Target //

Can you tell my hair is lighter? Yeah, neither can I. I was a hair model over the weekend, basically a live Barbie doll for a day; My job was to get a hair cut, highlights, and get my hair styled all day. Pretty coushy gig. I can also thank them for this gorgeous blow outt that I let ride for a day too long. This is the first time I have ever had highlights in my hair, and only the second time I have colored my hair. Did you also know I don’t have my ears pierced? I did for about two months a couple years ago and they closed up in about 23 seconds the first time I tried to put in real earrings. I am clearly meant to be au natural.

I am so in love with the pointed shoulders and double lapels on this jacket. It is so on point. No pun intended. I wish I was clever enough to have intended that pun, though.





This dress is from the Urban Outfitters holiday collection a couple years back and I so patiently waited until it magically appeared on the sales rack for a mere $20, making it about 80% discounted from the original price. I think I need more excuses to get gussied up so I can wear it more often.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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