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Hi friends! I know it has been a while since I have posted and I was originally blaming it on my upcoming wedding. Now that the wedding has come and gone, I won’t have much an excuse for the quiet. I will be starting up posting again very soon!

My wedding was amazing, exactly as we had planned. It was a day, a long weekend really, full of love, laughter and joy and I wish I could relive it over and over – in slow motion! It was so special that I was able to have all my friends and family from all over come together in one place; something I wish could happen much more often!

I cannot wait to share photos; waiting to get them from the photographers is driving me insane!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that I shared this video already, but I cannot let this gem be unseen. David surprised me on our wedding day with a Backstreet Boys mash up dance performance! If this is not the first time you have read this blog, you’ll know that I am a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan. I have been a fan for more than half of my life and seen them more times than I can count! David, on the other hand, could care less about them, but since he cares about me so much, he planned this performance and practiced with his wedding party for months, all while being able to keep it a secret from me! I usually do not like surprises, but this was the most amazing surprise and I still have not been able to stop watching it!

My reaction was priceless!


A new standard has been set! Not only do I need to brag about my husband (HUSBAND!!), but I need to brag that the Backstreet Boys tweeted and posted this video to their Facebook. I’m dead.

I just wanted to share this video because it really is the most special gift I’ve ever received and the fact that so many people helped David put this together makes me continue to tear up!

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Today marks the 7 year anniversary for me and Ugly Mug. Did I ever tell you how we met?

Seven years ago, when my friends and I were moving down to Los Angeles, my friend, Kady, told us she knew a friend from high school in the area and would talk to him to see if we could stay with him while we looked for apartments on the weekends. He agreed and the next thing we knew, we were driving to Los Angeles and pulled up to his apartment sometime around two o’clock in the morning. That is when Kady decides to tell us she has never met this person, it was the brother of someone she knew of in high school. A mild heart attack and a prayer when we woke up in the morning alive, we became fast friends with him. Being that he was the only person we knew in LA at the time, we spent a lot of time with him, and soon with his friends. Enter meeting Ugly Mug. We tagged along with Nick on one of his productions and Ugly Mug was there, taking behind the scenes photos. We didn’t talk that day, but he did take a picture of my butt while we were hiking through the woods. So romantic. Two weeks after we met, we were offical. Um, my first boyfriend guys, how cute, right?

It is so weird how so many small events can add up to something huge in your life. If I was not friends with those girls, I would not have moved to LA. If Kady was not a liar, we wouldn not have met Nick. If we did not meet Nick, I would not have met Ugly Mug. Even crazier? I know these girls because we are all Backstreet Boys fans. Yes, I had to go there. I owe thanks to the Backstreet Boys for my impending marriage. Ugly Mug is going to hate that I just said that.

Ok, I’m done. I really am not a mushy gooshy person, except for that romantic comedies are my life, so remember that story because it is not being told again.

I lied, let’s be mushy. These favorites all have to do with Ugly Mug.

I am making myself nauseous now.

    • Listen to this: Dashboard Confessional “Stolen” I never thought I would “have a song” with aynone, but this is our song. Dusk and Summer is the first album that David shared with me, and the first band we both shared a love for. It is the first concert we saw together. Basically, one of the first (and few!) bands we both love. We are contemplating this song as our first dance, but I’d like to see if I can get it slowed down a bit. Any tips on how to find that?
  • Read this: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I don’t know if David will remember this, but it is the first book he recommended to me. It’s actually the only book he recommended to me that I enjoyed. Apparently, not only do we have different music tastes, but very different literary tastes. It is still one of my favorite books and one that was beautifully crafted into a movie script.


  • Watch this: Grey’s Anatomy. This one was hard to choose. We watch a lot of television and movies. Yes, we are boring. I thought about Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Psych; there are so many. But I cannot watch Grey’s Anatomy without David. He comforts me when I cry (every damn time) and will even pause it if I need a moment (do not tell me you watched the shooter episode a few seasons ago and did not need to walk away for a few minutes). It’s our show. Some of my favorite nights are our mini Grey’s marathons.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Pie. Every Thanksgiving, David buys an extra (or two) pumpkin pie because he loves it so much and is nervous that he won’t get a piece (that night, for breakfast the next morning, and everyday until his vacation is over). The other day I mentioned the possibility of making a pumpkin pie for David’s birthday (which is tomorrow), and the way his face lit up was totally adorable. He never thought he could have pumpkin pie any other time of the year. I guess I better make that happen.


  • Wear this: Little Black Dress. Because is there anything else that a man loves more than a woman in a little black dress? I don’t think David would mind if I wore something like this Threadsence LBD. A little sexy for him, a little edgy for me.


  • Blog love: Stumble Upon. David loves this web site. It is not so much as a blog, but like a blind Pinterest. It recommends photos, videos, web sites based on your interests. I cannot even explain the most random things David finds on Stumble Upon, but if you spend some time on it, you’ll get an idea.


Friday Fail!

A cute fail.


p.s. Without Ugly Mug, this blog would not be possible. So a huge thank you goes out to him for putting up with everything I need from him for this blog.

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I was never a Pinterest-er until I got engaged. I have never so much as planned a small party, let alone the most important gathering of people of my life, so I turned to Pinterest for a place to save inspirational ideas. Depending on how you see it, unfortunately, I am now addicted to Pinterest. Not unfortunately, I am gathering a million and one ideas!

Here are some ideas that I am loving for an early summer wedding (of next year).

Location, location, location! We are having our wedding in Northern California, where there is no shortage of wineries and farmland. We are currently on the hunt for a local barn to hold our ceremony and wedding. Ideally, we would like the ceremony to take place outdoors and then move into the barn for dinner and the reception. I would love to have everything outdoors, but because of the time of year (estimating mid June) I am nervous about insects and weather.

Click on each photo to view the original source.




Lighting: I am obsessed with small white lights. After next Christmas, I am already planning on buying out all stores of white lights while they are on clearance. I image a lot of small, twinkly lights and Chinese lanters. I want it to feel romantic and intimate.



I have never thought that center pieces have to be these large, grand things. How can you talk to the people around you when you can’t see over the center pieces? I love the idea of small, simple decor. I am leaning towards mason jars, wildflowers, or small candles, and nuetrals colors.




For guests, one of the most important parts of a wedding is the food. Don’t lie. Everyone loves a free meal. We haven’t thought of dinner itself yet, but we’ve put a little thought into snacks and extras. I am dead set on the idea of a “midnight” snack of sliders and fries or milk and cookies. Or both. It is a celebration, after all!



I am leaning toward a very simple cake. I am also considering baking it myself, because, you know, I won’t have five hunderd million other things on my mind the weeks leading up to my wedding. We are also having an ice cream sundae bar because we are awesome.



And, of course, the dress. This will single handedly be the hardest decision for me. All I know is that I love illusion necklines. I am going wedding dress shopping in a couple of weeks!




Follow my Wedding Pinterest board to keep up with my ever growning inspiration pins!

Do you have any web site recommendations for Wedding tips, ideas, and inspiration?

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AKA the longest post I’ve ever written.

Every girl has dreamed about the perfect proposal. Every boy has had nightmares about coming up with the perfect proposal. Bender and I are no exception.

Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted a proposal during Christmas; arguably, but not with me, I will win, the most romantic  time of the year. Unbeknownst to me, Bender, along with my mom, sister, and best friend had been plotting lying planning behind my back to pull off the perfect proposal. And did they ever succeed.

Bender came into town December 22nd to spend Christmas with me and my family. We had a couple busy days before Christmas: my friends’ annual Christmas Eve Eve party, a Christmas themed photoshoot at a Christmas treet farm (Bender’s idea), and lunch with my best friend and her mom in Dixon on Christmas Eve.

That first night, he presented me with a “Christmas Eve Eve Eve” gift, which he had never done before, but I am not one to turn down a gift. A copy of Mindy Kaling’s book – score! The next day was the day before Christmas Eve; traditionally the day that my friends and I hold our own Christmas. After getting home that night, he presented me with a “Christmas Eve Eve” gift; a new dress that he said I should wear for photos at the Christmas tree farm he found in Dixon. A little note: He has never picked out or bought clothes for me, so it did strike me as odd, but once again, I am not one to turn down a gift, especially a nice dress.

On Christmas Eve morning, I went on a run. When I got home, I took my time eating breakfast, checking blogs, and taking a shower, all while Bender tried to gently prod me into getting ready so we could “be on time” to take photos before lunch. I finally got ready, and after being turned down by my mom to join us, we were on our way. It was really cold that day, so I surprised myself by putting on the thin material dress and agreeing to trek through a giant Christmas tree farm, periodically taking off my coat for photos.




While walking through, we would stop and take photos. During photo sessions, I check the photos regularly to make sure we are getting what I need. Doing this on that day showed that Bender had no real intention of taking outfit photos of me; all the photos were out of focus, not taken when I was ready, etc. I thought he was being lazy. After barking orders at asking him to take more, and finally being satisfied on some photos next to a cute tree with a big red bow on it, we kept walking deeper into the farm. 




Bender made a comment about how the farm should have decorated trees throughout, and a couple minutes later, low and behold, we found a nice tree, decorated with faux presents under it. Of course, we had to take our photos there. Bender set up the tripod and we took one together and then he instructed me to turn around and he would take my regular walking away/back photo. At this point my coat was off, I was freezing, and Bender was taking for-ev-er setting up the camera to take the photo from behind (I would later find out he was actually setting it up for video). I became slightly antsy and I admit that I started whining because I was cold and becoming impatient that I could not turn around. In the back of my mind, I assumed I was getting a “Christmas Eve” present, to go along with the theme of him giving me other presents each night leading up to Christmas, so truthfully, that is the only reason I stayed turned around.

The next thing I know, I am allowed to turn around, and Bender is on his knee holding out a ring. From there, it is slightly blurry; figurativly and literally: tears came from no where and were blurring my vision. The first thing out of my mouth, before he uttered anything was, “Shut up.” Nice, right? After he gave his little spiel, my word vomit struck again; “Are you sure?” He was obviously taken aback and claims he cannot remember his response, but I remember him laughing and saying yes. I vigoursly shook my head yes in response to his proposal, and after he asked me to say it outloud, it was offical and neither of us remember how the ring got on my finger.

I honestly think I was in shock the rest of the day.

Screen shot 3-out
Screen shot 4-out



After all the mushy, gooey, cheese, hug, kiss stuff, I see someone come out from behind some trees and it happens to be my best friend. I actually thought nothing weird of the fact that she was there at that moment; she’s there during all my big moments! But then her mom, my mom, and my sister all came out! They had been there early to decorate the tree, set up the faux gifts underneath, and mark the path so Bender would know how to get to the tree, ahem, the tree with the bow that I would not let him stop taking pictures of me at.

Excited with my mom and sister!


My beautiful mom!


My sister is jealous and trying to rip my ring off. Not at all staged.


My best friend and soul sister from another mister.


With Alyssa and her mom, who is like a second mom to me.


Face timing with the future in-laws.

One of the sweetest parts? Bender then cut down the tree and we took it home. We are hopefully planning on getting coasters made from it as wedding party and family gifts.


I had always wanted a Christmas proposal, and never wanted it done in public, but somehow he knew that the most imporant people in my life had to be there when it happened. The fact that they were hidden among the trees watching us is simultaneously hilarious, creepy, and awesome. Everything was perfect.

This proposal requried me to agree to a lot of things to get us to the destination, which, if you know me, sounds impossible. Bender said afterward that it was all the little “yeses” he was worried about, not the big one; Wearing the dress he bought for me, agreeing to go to lunch in Dixon (where the farm was located), turning around for a back photo, etc.

Hindsight is 20/20: A list of things I was totally oblivious to

  • The over abundance of suitcases Bender brought in town; he had one extra one for the tree decorations and gift boxes and bags
  • The constant “work” calls that took him out of the room; calls (and texts) for last minute planning
  • Alyssa posting a picture of a dress on my Facebook telling me she thought of me when she saw it and Bender gifting me that exact dress; Bender picked out several dresses and used her to see which I would like the best. He knew I would want to be dressed nicely for the proposal
  • Gifts leading up to Chistmas; he did not want it to be completely out of the ordinary when he gave me the dress and he knew that I would not dress up for our “lunch” in freezing cold weather
  • Bender’s urgency in making sure we had plenty of time at the Christmas tree farm for photos before lunch; he had never been so excited to take photos. He enjoys being able to help me with my blog, but he is never exactly super excited to take time out of our short visits to take photos
  • The fact that the Christmas tree farm was completely empty; they were closed that day but opened just for Bender’s proposal
  • My sister wanting to do my hair and nails the night before; She wanted my nails to look nice for when I would be showing off my ring
  • A fully decorated Christmas tree in the middle of a Christmas tree farm; Even after the proposal and everyone popped out of hiding, I did not know that was part of it until they told me

All in all, I am really easy to lie to and trick. Please don’t take advantage of me. Unless you are giving me the most beautiful ring I could ever hope for and presenting me with the perfect proposal.


p.s. thank you to the planning team for helping making everything happen!
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