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While we were in Portland during our honeymoon, we went to see three houses: Where I was born, where my mom grew up, and Pittock Mansion. Pittock Manson was the home of Henry Pittock and his family, the man who practically built Portland. It is just up the road from my mom’s childhood home and built on 46 acres. It’s currently a museum, that was unfortunately closed when we visited, and my mom, her sisters, and brother used to go up the hill to play there growing up. It was really nice to be able to see the area my mom grew up in, and be able to send her some photos of what everything looks like now.

I am so glad that I got the chance to see these places that are so special for our family; my mom says they all still look the same! If it wasn’t such a creepy thing to do, I would have knocked on the doors to see if I could go in. Since that would make me a crazy person, and since I have no memory of either place anyway, I decide it would be just fine to take pictures from the street.




// Dress + Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Flower Crown: Urban Outfitters //

Ok, maybe a bit closer than the street. To be fair, this house looked like it was vacant. I was only hoping the neighbors weren’t peaking through their windows.

I was born upstairs in this house! My mom was able to get down to the car, and apparently I wasn’t having any of that and they had to go back inside so I could have my way; showing my stubborness from the very first day!

We went to my mom’s childhood home next! Oddly enough, I wanted to be able to see the inside of this house more than I did the one the was born and lived in. Unfortunately, this one was definitely occupied and I could have sworn I saw someone watching us from the kitchen window, so I tried to be as discrete as possible.

Or super obvious.



Just up the street from where my mom grew up is Pittock Mansion. This place was gorgeous! I actually had no idea the home was preserved as a museum, with all the original early 20th century furniture and decor, until we got there. The top of the hill has the most beautiful view of the city!


Super creep.



I can see why so many people still visit Pittock Mansion. There are picnic tables set up for people to sit and look at the view. I am hoping our next visit is not as far off as my last one (I had not been to Portland since I was 13) and I am already making a mental note to go back to the mansion.




Out of everywhere we went, Portland felt the most rushed. Most likely because it was the last city we were visiting and as a trip is begining to end, time always seems to rush by much too quickly for me. I start getting sad about the end of the trip before it’s even over!

I totally consider myself a California girl, afterall we moved when I was three months old, but I have such a special bond with Portland! I still have family there, who we were lucky enough to see while we were there, and my mom’s love of the city has really rubbed off on me. It must be why I prefer rain to sunshine!


Is it just me or have I lost my blog flow? I haven’t been consistant with everything going on lately. I feel like I don’t even know how to write anymore! If you call a little ‘ol style blog “writing”. What else would you call it? Blurbing seems appropriate. I feel like I don’t know how to blurb anymore.

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With 9 days to go, I am busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working non stop on making sure this wedding goes smoothly! I am kind of obsessed with this outfit and have been wearing it a couple times a week. Other than this, I’ve been in leggings and tank tops. There’s no need to put much effort into getting dressed when I am just sitting on the computer and the phone, planning all day!

I have been a list making, DIYing, everything down to the teensy detail busy body the past few weeks! Wedding planning is super stressful, and somehow I kind of like it. Even when I compain and say I hate it and show a bit of my bridezilla side. I am so confident that everything is going to turn out so beautifully, I cannot wait to be able to share photos and tell you all about it!

I also can’t wait for the night where I get a full night sleep and not toss and turn with my wedding induced stress.




// Top + Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Denim Vest: Thrifted via Goodwill and DIY’d // Shoes, Hat, + Necklace: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

I have only done a couple of DIYs in my life, but this is my favorite. If you count cutting the sleeves off of a denim jacket as a DIY. With my lack of expertise, I certainly do!





We are nearing the end of summer and that means starting to layer summer pieces. I love being able to wear my summer pieces just a bit longer, like this sheer top, into the fall with layering!



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Why, oh why, when I am the most busy do I feel that I want to take on even more? Is it because I become busy, check things off my list, get things done and reveal in the satisfaction of it so much that I want even more? Probably. Luckily, I know my limits and even though I have found a few more interests, I am still only focusing on getting through wedding planning and the wedding. Three weeks to go. Three. Weeks. It’s a bit mind boggling to me! What I am supposed to do and talk about after it’s over? I suppose that’s where these new found hobbies will be able to come into play!

David and I had a mid-week lunch date to, what else, talk about some wedding details! I threw on this day time little black dress from Cali Free to beat the So Cal heat.

After lunch, David thought he saw Ceelo Green walk into a restaurant and although we had already eaten, we were a bit curious to confirm his suspicions and we walked in. Once we were in and we realized it was literally us and Ceelo, we decided to save face we had to grab a drink!




// Dress: c/o  Cali Free // Shirt, Purse & Hat: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Shoes: Urban Outfitters //

I totally felt out of practice taking outfit photos! I have kind of put this little blog on the back burner the last month to really focus on getting my wedding planned. I’ve missed it! It not only gives me an excuse to get dressed, because come on, I’d live in pajamas if it was appropriate, but it’s the comradery of the blogging community that is so fun!






After lunch I spent the rest of the day running errands. Getting married reminds me that I am actually an adult and it has made me want to keep a presentable home and become more organized. My number one thing to do to feeling more organized is cleaning out my closet! I do it several times a year and of course stop by Crossroads Trading Co to sell my clothes for either a bit of cash or trade, if I have a shopping itch! Now, I don’t even have to go to Crossroads to sell my clothes! Have you heard that Crossroads now offers a Sell By Mail option? You simply request a bag from their website, fill it up with your clothes and send it back, postage free! You can still choose to receive cash or trade, and if you want the clothes that don’t sell back, you can have them send it back for a small fee, or they will donate the rest for you. It’s such a great option for those who are busy, or who may not have a Crossroads near them.

Click the photo below to request your free mail in bag from the Crossroads site!

Main-In-Bag-Graphic-7x7_Launch July 2014

Mid day cocktails are definitely not a bad idea!

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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Happy Monday!

David and I spent this weekend in Sacramento working on some wedding details. We went out to the site yesterday, you can see a bit of the location in these photos, and met with the DJ and took some measurements of the area. It was a 105 degrees yesterday, and we were feeling it! After we spent the afternoon in the sun, we sought out some iced coffee and tea and air conditioning!

We are definitely getting all of our little details figured out, bit by bit. The invitations went out in the mail late last week, so it’s for real now!


// Dress: Free People // Sandals: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

Isn’t this the most perfect little summer dress?




We are planning to have a laid back, fun wedding and one of my favorite parts will be this “jumping pillow”. Imagine an adult bounce house, that can hold 20 adults at once, built into the ground.

Someone will most likely sprain an ankle or throw up, but who else has had this at a wedding? It will be something to talk about!


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! The best part about any holiday for me is my family coming and spending time together. We had a smaller crowd than normal, but I had just as much fun this year as each past year. We attempted to fry our own corn dogs and mini candy bars, had some tasty sangria, and enjoyed a private fireworks show in our backyard hosted by my ever entertaining Dad and cousin.

I realized I do not own any red clothing, so I was a bit out of the color scheme for the holiday, instead wearing maroon, white and blue. It is the thought that counts!



// Top: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Melrose Trading Post // Denim Shirt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Hat: Free People // Bra: c/o Triangl // Sunglasses: Nordstrom //

I cannot get this shirt untied from around my waist. It’s impossible. I’m stuck in the 90s and I don’t care. Also, my shorts are a little too short and it was a family party, so since I was already a bit risqué (or, naked as my Dad referred to me) on the top, it also helped to cover up a bit more. As much as I could bare in the high 90 degree heat, anyway! Style and function!





How did you celebrate holidays? Do you tend to keep them family events or to make plans with friends? Holidays have always been family-centric for me, probably because I grew up close in proximity to the majority of my family, so it has always been easy for us to get together for all the major holidays. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, my friends and I usually celebrate either a couple days before or after with our own party, which is nice because I get to share the holidays with friends and make those days last a little bit longer! I am a holiday whore, so any excuse to drag them out, I will use it. Repeatedly!

Fried candy bars, guns, family, and my dad jumping through fireworks. Can’t get more American than that!


p.s. My second billboard for the California Family Fitness 2014 campaign is up all around Sacramento! My totally realistic and not stupid goal at all is the climb up to the ledge and sit on the billboard next to myself and take a selfie with my billboard. The next billboard will be up in September, so I have a couple months to build up the nerve to try to get up there. It will never happen.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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Another day, another train ride!

I am homeward bound to Sacramento for the 4th of July holiday and a bit of wedding planning! My Grandpa’s birthday is the 4th of July and with such a large family (my Dad grew up with 9 brothers and sisters!), we have always had a family 4th party; we’ve always joked that he is so loved that the whole country celebrates his birthday! This is the first year that he is not with us on this day and it will be a bit hard not to see him, but we are continuing the family celebration in his honor. It is very much a casual backyard BBQ potluck with a small backyard fireworks show, hosted by my Dad who is the most entertaining person I know. It has always been one of my favorite holidays!

David was kind enough to snap these photos for me when he was dropping me off at the bus this morning. I had a different post planned for today that for timing reasons, we could not shoot for, so since we had about 10 minutes to wait for the bus, we snapped these quickly! This is my typical go to kind of outfit, especially with traveling, notice the layers! Nothing special or to write home about, but so comfortable and so typically just me.

These were taken on my very outdate iPhone camera and edited in Afterlight on the bus. I usually use a bit more of faded, vintage filters on my Instagram, but not my blog posts. This is a bit of a different look than what this blog is used to, but I love the old, faded look!


// Top: Nordstrom Rack // Jeans + Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Free People // Denim Top + Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

Apparently I was going for a bit of an urban cowboy look. And I am totally down with that.





Now to get back to watching the new Kate + 8 TLC special on this train. Yes, you read that right! my love of docu-reality TV will never fade.

p.s. Happiest of birthdays to my baby sister! She may be younger, but I look up to her as an inspiration!

image (2)

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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What I thought was going to be a typical boring Sunday, an extra shift at work and maybe finalizing some wedding registry items, turned out to be a really nice date night at The Americana in Glendale.

 We went to pick out wedding bands yesterday afternoon and I only had to try on one to know! I had to leave my engagement ring to be cleaned and fixed; I have a habit of spinning my ring with my thumb since it is a tad too big and it has morphed it a bit so it’s more of an oval than a circle. Oops! I have been reaching to spin the ring ever since I left it behind. I remember when I first got the ring and it took so long to to get used to wearing it everyday, and not it is weird not to have it on even for one day!

After ring shopping, we walked around looking at the men’s wedding bands, and possible men’s suit options; our efforts weren’t as successful as we hoped with those. We shopped a bit, had dinner and then saw Chef, the new movie with Jon Favreau. I love any show or movie about food. I love to eat food, look at food, smell food, and watch people make food. I’m a bit obsessed with food! I’m glad we ate before we saw the movie, or else I’d have left starving and craving all the wrong types of food!



// Dress: c/o Cali Free  // Vest: H&M // Sandals: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Purse: Gift //

For 20% off any purchase from Cali Free, use the code “seekingstyle” from now until July 31st!

Maxi dresses are still the best go to; so easy! I’ve been looking for a T-shirt dress, long or short, and I am so happy with this one from Cali Free!

What is your summer go to uniform? The first place I look when I’m out shopping is the dresses and specifically maxi dresses. I like to find ones with interesting cuts or shapes, so it doesn’t look like I’m just wearing a sheet, which I would be fine with me, but I like variety too! The slits up this dress make it more unique and a bit, dare I say, sexy; although I wouldn’t wear it in the wind!




I like taking photos when we are out and about, to switch it up from the same old back ally, but it can get a bit embarassing in a busy public space like The Americana.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself a get through it! Ah, blogger problems!

I cannot pass a Free People without going inside!



p.s. Happy happy happy dirty 30 birthday to my big brother! He definitely has not lost his charm!

image (3)

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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