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Last weekend was our one year wedding anniversary, if you didn’t already realize by the wedding photo spam that slapped you in the face over here. We headed to Palm Springs for an extended weekend with plans to relax and not do much else. Mission accomplished! I woke up sick the second morning of our stay, so we were forced to stick to our relaxation plan and had to cut our exploring to a short stroll downtown on Sunday. It was hot as shit that weekend anyway, triple digits each day, so we spent time in our comfortable, air conditioned hotel room, went out for dinners at State Fare Bar + Kitchen at the Ritz Carlton hotel and Simon Kitchen and Bar at The Hard Rock Hotel, and night swam. I highly recommend both restaurants! State Fare was so incredible in helping us celebrating our night; we were given a hand signed card, complimentary champagne, the booth with the best view, and the musical talent for the night played our song on request! Also, if you’re ever in the area, you have to at least stop by Simon Kitchen and Bar and get the Bacon Jam appetizer. Have to. I’ve already made a copy cat version.





// Top: Kate Spade Saturday via // Pants: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Sunglasses: via Crossroads Trading Co //





We took a chance on the Hotels Tonight app for the first time and ended up booking two different hotels as an exuse to experience a bit more.The first night we stayed a bit farther out of Palm Springs at the Westin Mission Hills Resort. It’s a time share (we were not pressured into listening to any lectures or buying anything), and more family oriented. Our room was like an apartment! It was really nice to have a kitchen and our own little patio. The second night we stayed at the Riviera Palm Springs, which had a younger vibe and the most comfortable bed and delicious chocolate lava cake (that of course we ate in said bed watching a movie because there’s no better way to enjoy chocolate cake).






Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to take advantage of most of the resort and hotel’s offerings, like the spa and golf range. It gives us a good reason to go back soon!

We had such a wonderful weekend! I think we might only go back druring the cooler months; we aren’t typcically hot weather people. It seems like pool lounging and eating are the only two things to do in the town, however, so if you’re more adventurous and into lots of activities, this might not be the vacation city for you.

This is definitely not an ad, by the way. I wish it were! It would mean we were compensated for our trip, ha!


Also, David surprised my by renting a convertible for the weekend. So much fun!


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As some of you may know, on Thursday, I am headed to Miami to board the Backstreet Boys 2013 cruise to the Bahamas! This will be the second Backstreet Boys cruise my best friend and I are going on. Yes, you are reading these words correctly. The Backstreet Boys, as in the “I Want it That Way” singing, Nick Carter heartthrob, 90’s boy band, yes they are still called a boy band in their mid 30’s and early 40’s, and doesn’t that make you feel incredibly old, Backstreet Boys. Yes.

And I cannot wait.

Good thing I don’t have to wait much longer! All I have to do is take the next few days to pack and be sure I have everything!

Here is a quick peak at what I am packing!

Each night has a theme for the deck party: Neon night, Halloween, and bachelorette party! Can you guess which one I am most excited for?

Neon Night
I, of course, hope to share some photos when I get back next week of my actual outfits. The only piece that is exactly what I am bringing is the Nasty Gal Deep Blaze dress. All the other items are an approximation.
Here is a look at the feel that I am going for for day time wear. If the last cruise is any indiciation, I will most likely end up in my cut offs and suit top the whole time, never touching the suitcase full of clothes I am planning!
Day time cruise

Vacations are all about relaxation, right? I’m keeping it simple this time around; I will have more important things to focus on during the cruise, like how much food I can eat in three days. It’s free! Alright, not free, you pay for it in the booking cost, but I bet that I eat more than I paid for. At least that is the goal.

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Hm, a kinky way to start off Monday.

Awkward. Just a little.

So, those days when your first thought waking up is, “I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.” That. Just your basic Monday morning. A day that I could wait to go to bed? Our last day in New York City. We woke up leisurely, took the subway into Brooklyn, (I) thrifted a bit, had brunch with a friend, and then made a mad dash our way to the airport.

IMG_7670-out*Shorts: Forever 21. *Top: Thrifted via Good Will. *Shoes: Aldo. *Bag: Claire’s

I normally don’t bare my mid drift, but I figured, it’s around 123 degrees and New York, so I can get away with it.


Can we talk about these shoes? Um, they are studded. That is code for awesome.

Can we also talk about the face that I chose a shoe shot in which the shoes are blurry. That is code for artistic.

IMG_7697-outI wish this was my stoop. That is one thing I love about Brooklyn and other New York suburbs: stoops.

One: Brick steps

Two: They make me feel like I’m in an episode of The Cosby Show

Three: They are called stoops

All in all, perfect.


Another code word? Stoop is code for stupid. At least it was when I was a kid. We weren’t allowed to call each other stupid growing up, so we shortened it because we thought my parents were “stupid” and called each other “stoop” instead. They caught on pretty quickly. We tried changing it to “porch” a couple of times, but it just wasn’t the same.

We are all in our twenties now. We still call each other “stoop”.



Ah, the subway.

My hand got really dirty after touching that pillar.

I had to get in my walking pictures, of course! How else will I show off my fantastic bruises? Most people would photoshop those out. I am not most people. This is real life. And I don’t even think photoshop could help my bruising talent problem.



Everyone once in a while, you just need a good old fashioned jumping photo to end a post, even if that means the pictures end up chronologically out of order.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Welcome to another tour of New York City; I’m Jennifer and I’ll be your guide today. We will visit New York landmarks, including Central Park, The Museum of Natural History, and the most exciting, the coffee shop from Seinfeld.

Ok, that was weird. But all true. Except that I am not a tour guide.


*Dress: Thrifted via Crossroads. *Boots: Charlotte Russe. *Shirt: Forever 21. *Backpack: Claire’s.


I hope you like this backpack, because it’s in a lot of my upcoming photos. It was great to use on vacation and then great to use everyday because I am lazy, and never switched back to a real purse. I think I like backpack’s more than purses lately. It means I can carry around more unnecessary junk, like gas station receipts from gum and four month old bills from The Gap.

Yeah, I wear socks with my boots. Sometimes they show. Oh well.

Let me just talk about the elephant in the room before you start to question. The shirt around my waist is purely an accessory. It was not even chilly. It certainly was not going to get chilly. What I am saying is that it was not placed there for the future use of warming myself. It was use because I wanted to revert back to my days as a seven year old in the 90’s with my sweatshirt around my waist. Warning, I may repeat this.

I wrote way too much about that, didn’t I?




Pretending to be on the phone is going to be my new go to pose.

Central Park is gorgeous. And huge. It made my feet hurt a little, but I all I wanted to do was keep walking through it. Plus, we discovered a waffle cart that beat Bobby Flay in a Throwdown, so basically, it’s the most magical place in New York.



We snuck in some learning on vacation. Just kidding, I already knew that dinosaurs aren’t real. That’s what I tell myself because I am terrified by the thought of them.



Oh, and I lied (for the second time in this post, sorry), the following is the most magical place in New York. I do not care that it was only the outside sign used in the show, this place is the pinnacle of Seinfeld; my favorite show. Highlight!




That is how I felt the whole time I was in New York

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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*Bloglovin’ * Facebook * Twitter

I have bloggers block.

I never plan out my posts, so I’m not sure it’s possible to have this so-called block, but let’s pretend it is so I can just share a lot of pictures, mkay?

Come take a walk with me in New York.


*Dress: Urban Outfitters. *Boots: Target. *Bag: Claire’s (Yes, as in Claire’s. Should I be embarrassed that I think Claire’s actually has some good stuff?).

Let’s start in Times Square. We stayed fairly close to Times Square, so we walked through it multiple times a day, or drove through it on the double decker buses. Coming from a smaller city, it was amazing to see all the activity in such a small area.


Here’s a little Angelina Jolie leg action for ya.

I actually learned quite a bit while in New York.

One: cars do not stop. Pedestrians do not stop. It’s scary.



Two: It is hot. Like, “Did I go on vacation in a sauna?” hot. My hair does not like humidity (This was not something I learned, rather that was reinforced).


Three: The naked cowboy must get a lot of tips, because he is still in the same spot he was in when I obsessively watched TRL. He made me touch his behind; it was sweaty (see #2) and hairy.


This picture has no lesson. I just like it. Consider it an intermission, sponsored by Aldo.

Take a ride with me. It’s only $1.25.

Four: Subway stations are extremely hot and muggy. Subways, however, are air conditioned and a great place to people watch, eavesdrop, and be threatened (true story).





Apparently, I am supposed to cut the piece that connects the back slit in this dress. I like it better connected (panty flashing control).


Let’s end on a walk through Brooklyn.

Five: I adore this area (as well as the Village)
(Please eat at La Nonna’s in Williamsburg. Best bruschetta I’ve had in my life.)


Six: Check the weather before you go out. You may get caught in a thunder storm. But it will still be 1,000 degrees.


Seven: If it’s July, you will never need that extra jacket when you go out at night.


I was going on hour 42 without sleep by this point

Thanks for spending the day with me; I hope we can do it again real soon. Say, Wednesday? Same time-ish.

if you follow me on Instagram (@seekingstyle) there are more personal pictures from my vacation if you are interested in being creepy, a stalker seeing them.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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*Bloglovin’ * Facebook * Twitter

On Memorial Day weekend, I went camping and white water rafting (where all my bruises came from seen in this post) for my friend’s birthday. My camping style is not too far off my normal daily style, give or take some flannel and dirt encrusted boots.

I grew up camping and I love it. I love being off the grid, no cell service, no responsibilities – just you, fresh air, a sleeping bag, lots of bugs, smelly port-o-potties, and s’mores. A lot of s’mores. That’s the most important part of camping really. This trip, we took them to the extreme by adding cookie dough. Yes, I am a genius.

I need more camping in my life.

I really feel like I would be awesome at being Amish. After my initial withdraw anxiety from technology and modern day comforts, I think I would be a more peaceful person. Of course, I can say that since it will never happen.


*Jeans & Shirt: Urban Outfitters. *Flannel: Thrifted via Goodwill. *Hat: Forever 21. *Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads

Hey it’s the same shirt from two posts ago. I’ve worn it more than just these two times actually. Yeah, I’m obsessed with it. It’s the perfect summer tee.

I know that you’re noticing my super cute sock peaking out. I was gifted these socks from Alyssa who got them in Switzerland. They have cows on them, so I obviously had to wear them the second I got them. Wouldn’t you?

I get distracted easily.


Don’t ask. I might have had a couple drinks before these were taken. Drinking during the day is more than acceptable when you’re in the middle of no where.




We borrowed our neighbors picnic table and RV for a hot (mess) minute.






The most important photo of all. That is where the s’mores were made. The most delicious s’mores. I need one now.

I hope no one minds this photo being posted! These are just a few of my favorite people!


This is my raft being bad asses.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (seekingstyle) if you’re ever interested in seeing more personal photos from my daily life! And by feel free, I totally mean that this is a shameless self promotion and just do it.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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