I appreciate all inquiries; however I reserve the right to choose to only work with businesses that I agree with and reflect my style, blog and interests. I have the right to return items that I’m unable to style, or do not believe fit my lifestyle. All reviews are done so in an honest matter, as to protect the integrity of Seeking Style. I am proud to promote sponsors that fit within the vision of Seeking Style.

Sponsorship Options:

  • Ad space (see below for ad rates)
  • Giveaways (terms are decided individually, per sponsor)
  • Clothing/Product reviews
  • I am open to discussing any other collaboration ideas

Large (250 x 250): $45/month

Medium (250 x 150): $35/month

Small (250 x 75): $15/month


5,800+ Monthly page views

4,700+ Monthly unique visits

720+ Subscribers via Bloglovin’, RSS

1,200+ Social networking followers via Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, Chictopia


I disclose all items that I receive for free, marked “c/o” when listing items in my photos. If I link to company or item, it does not necessarily mean that I have been asked to promote it.


Email me at seekingstyleblog@gmail.com to discuss sponsorship/collaboration opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you!

I adore each comment!

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