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It’s May. Like, almost halfway through the year. What? Am I really getting to that age where time has started to go by so fast that each month I can’t believe it’s already a new month? The good news? We’re halfway to Christmas. YES, I am totally one of those people and I am totally not ashamed.

Another type of person I am? A Class Passer! I was debating signing up for the last month or so, and I pulled the trigger today! There’s nothing wrong with my regular gym (though, I did just type “there’s nothing fine”, so maybe subconsciously I’m not too happy with it!); but I am in love with pilates, barre classes, and Pop Physique and Class Pass allows me to take these type of classes whenever I want for less than a fraction of the cost! Win!

Does anyone else have Class Pass? How have you liked your experience?



// Dress: c/o Sheinside // Jacket + Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Free People // Necklace: Brandy Melville //

I am all for comfort these days. Well, any days really. If I can throw something on and not have to be tugging on it all day, it gets priority in my closet! This Green Longsleeve Backless Casual Dress from Sheinside is just that and it’s perfection!  A breezy tee dress is all I need!





I love the cutout in the back of this dress!


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What I thought was going to be a typical boring Sunday, an extra shift at work and maybe finalizing some wedding registry items, turned out to be a really nice date night at The Americana in Glendale.

 We went to pick out wedding bands yesterday afternoon and I only had to try on one to know! I had to leave my engagement ring to be cleaned and fixed; I have a habit of spinning my ring with my thumb since it is a tad too big and it has morphed it a bit so it’s more of an oval than a circle. Oops! I have been reaching to spin the ring ever since I left it behind. I remember when I first got the ring and it took so long to to get used to wearing it everyday, and not it is weird not to have it on even for one day!

After ring shopping, we walked around looking at the men’s wedding bands, and possible men’s suit options; our efforts weren’t as successful as we hoped with those. We shopped a bit, had dinner and then saw Chef, the new movie with Jon Favreau. I love any show or movie about food. I love to eat food, look at food, smell food, and watch people make food. I’m a bit obsessed with food! I’m glad we ate before we saw the movie, or else I’d have left starving and craving all the wrong types of food!



// Dress: c/o Cali Free  // Vest: H&M // Sandals: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Sunglasses: Nordstrom // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Purse: Gift //

For 20% off any purchase from Cali Free, use the code “seekingstyle” from now until July 31st!

Maxi dresses are still the best go to; so easy! I’ve been looking for a T-shirt dress, long or short, and I am so happy with this one from Cali Free!

What is your summer go to uniform? The first place I look when I’m out shopping is the dresses and specifically maxi dresses. I like to find ones with interesting cuts or shapes, so it doesn’t look like I’m just wearing a sheet, which I would be fine with me, but I like variety too! The slits up this dress make it more unique and a bit, dare I say, sexy; although I wouldn’t wear it in the wind!




I like taking photos when we are out and about, to switch it up from the same old back ally, but it can get a bit embarassing in a busy public space like The Americana.  Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself a get through it! Ah, blogger problems!

I cannot pass a Free People without going inside!



p.s. Happy happy happy dirty 30 birthday to my big brother! He definitely has not lost his charm!

image (3)

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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Sometimes I’m lazy. So lazy that I could not even think of a blog post title. Although, that’s more of a lack in the creativity department than the productivity department.

I am also so lazy that I apparently can’t even bother to paint my nails or accessorize my outfits lately. Yes, those are superficial aspects of life, so not necessary, however, this is a style blog, right? I post photos for people to ooh and awe and drool over me share and inpsire, so I should put a little more effort into it, right?

Or maybe this is me being true to myself and my style. I’m simple; I always have been. You’ve all heard the mantra “Less is More”. Not that I don’t wish I had a stash of rings, bracelets, and necklaces to pile on every now and then; I enjoy the occassional arm party as much as the next style blogger. I am just not that patient and tend to be drawn more to comfort and quiet expression.

Wha do you think about the “less is more” style route versus over accessorizing?





// Top: Old Navy // Shorts: c/o Crossroads Trading Co. // Coat: Heart Boutique // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Hat: Forever 21 // Shoes: Urban Outfitters //

I wore this outfit three days in a row. I tend to do that Fridays-Sundays because on the weekends I just grab whatever is on the top of the clothes pile from that week. But, honestly, I’m ready to wear it again already. Silk, printed shorts? Talk about comfort! You can’t get any more comfortable than that. I felt like I was wearing pajamas all day, which is what I actually do if I don’t have any plans for the day.

I cannot be alone in that, right?

This outfit is an all around win.





I know it’s all the internets have been talking about, but, Breaking Bad. Amirite? KBLbepnsasd!#%%!! You. Guys. I can’t even with this show. Is it Sunday again yet?

Also, I don’t like to iron.



All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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I’m late! Uh, that’s what she said?

This month’s “What I thrifted…” post is late and lacking. I only thrifted one thing. It was not for lack of trying; I went out looking a few times, but I am trying to be more selective of what I buy, not just to save money, but to create a wardrobe that I actually love.

The only piece that I found in July that I loved was this white, lace dress at Buffao Exchange when I was in Phoenix. I’ve probably worn it at least once a week since I bought it. It is perfect for summer and so easy to style.

I’ve never been one to wear white; I’m clumsy, a little sloppy, and very, very not tan at all, but this dress called to me. And is it just me, or does it make me look a bit tan?

Yeah, I thought it was just me.





// Dress: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange // Kimono: Forever 21 // Shoes: Thrifted via Thrift Town // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Ring: c/o Style Lately // iPhone Case: c/o Caseable //

How cute is my iPhone cover? So cute you need a giveaway, huh? Ok, then! Look out for one coming later this week!





I have so many fails from this photo set, that I need to share one early. Happy fail Tuesday!

I am actually a very creepy person.

I think this was me being excited to take a creeper photo of Ugly Mug as he was taking photos of me.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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So, I think I am a “blogzilla”. You know, kind of like a bridezilla, but with this blog instead of with my wedding (so far, anyway). Poor Ugly Mug. Not only does he have to put up with my real life crap, but he has to put up with my blog crap, which I like to pretend is real life crap. The poor man colored these photos for me three times. Three times. Even I knew I was being ridiculous. In my defense, though, I told him not to do it the third time. He is kiiiiiind of amazing.

Crap, I am totally going to be a bridezilla, aren’t I? Speaking of, did you catch my first wedding dress excursion story?

I chose photos from each set, so there is a possibility that my photos look like they are on crack.

Also, two posts in a row? What the whaaat? Who am I?


// Jeans & Beanie: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: Pac Sun // Sweatshirt: Forever 21 // Necklace: Brandy Melville //



These pants sure are getting their wear around here lately. It might be time to retire them and find a new pair of high waist flares. They don’t fit as snugly as I would like them to anymore (oh, hello humble brag, how are you?), and you may notice that I have cut my feet out of each photo because they aren’t quite long enough to cover my shoes.

Yes, blog-zilla strikes again. I am so vain, I cannot even show you that my otherwise super amazing pants do not cover my shoes. I am pathetic. Maybe for a Friday Fail. Maybe.



Who was the genious who put a bar and an ice cream parlor across the street from each other? I can’t think of anything better on a warm summer night than a nice drink (or two, or three) and then some ice cream. Looks like I have some summer plans!

p.s. I ate a piece of three layer chocolate cookie dough cake while watching The Biggest Loser finale tonight. Counter productivity for the win! All for my mom’s birthday, though, so it’s technically not cheating on Lent, right? You can’t expect me to celebrate my mom’s life without eating some cake, can you?

All photos credit of Erin

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Warning: Lazy outfit ahead.

We all have those days or nights when we just need something to throw on for a last minute errand. Just because I am a blogger, does not mean that I can’t look a mess when I run out. In fact, I normally do. I am too lazy to try to look good when running out for twenty minutes. Call it my last minute uniform if you will.

I wore this during a recent late evening trip to Trader Joe’s to make portobello burgers, courtesy of Jessica’s blog of course.

By the way, I love going to the grocery store. I don’t know if it’s because I love food or because it makes me feel like a grown up. When I was unemployed, to entertain myself, I would walk to the grocery store daily. Yes, I consider grocery shopping entertainment.



// Sweater: Marshalls // Shorts: Forever 21 // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Flats: Target // Glasses: Chanel //

Side topic: I love things that make me feel like a grown up, like running errands and using the word “errand”.




Seriously, make these “burgers“. You will not miss the meat.


I think I love Trader Joe’s so much because of the samples. I will admit that I have stopped there before just for the sample. Even though I should be, I am not ashamed.



Oh yeah, and I wear glasses occasionally; to drive at night, to watch TV or movies, and to see what trees really look like.

And here ends my non sponsored post about Trader Joe’s.

You also now know that I am the most boring person on Earth.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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“Excuse me? Have you done this before? Most people text so we don’t have to hear them talk,” Said a man sitting behind me on the bus to the woman next to me, who was talking on her phone.

I was a little surprised he had the audacity to interrupt her personal phone call, basically to tell her to hang up. Do we have the right to request complete silence from strangers in public? In public, during the day no less. Some notes: The bus ride was at 6 in the evening, only an hour, she had been on the phone for maybe five minutes, music was playing, and others were talking just as loudly to each other.

I understand there are limits. If this woman was yapping away during the two and a half hour bus ride from midnight to 2:30 a.m. after we had all been on a train for four hours, yes, I would understand someone asking her to politely hang up the phone. But who died and made this man the king of the bus from Sacramento to Stockton?

Maybe I am just too polite, but people seem to be forgetting their manners when they walk out of the door in the morning.

The best part was her response: “You cannot text to a house phone.”

It was then that I forgave her for sitting next to me, on a half empty bus, while eating a Big Mac.




// Dress: c/o Dahlia // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Hat & Boots: Crossroads Trading Co // Denim Jacket: LA Fashion District //

Speaking of manners, is this not the most prim and proper dress you ever did see? What am I doing wearing such a lady like dress?

Sometimes I like dressing like a girl.
Or a nun, as someone at work called me.

“Actually, she looks like Madeline,” He was then corrected.

I feel like I am writing a story with all these quotes.

Now prepare for photo overload.






Little tidbit: I would love to write a children’s book one day. I don’t have the story, theme, or plot in mind, but dammit, I will do it one day.






Also, I am willing fall to hit California. I am willing it to come by wearing hats, denim jackets, and necessary socks.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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