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Well TGIF indeed! It has been quite a week for me and even though I could not be more tired at this moment, I don’t want it to end. I hope it is only the begining!

How was your week?


  • Read this: Michael J. Fox “Always Looking Up”. I have been a Michael J. Fox ever since the early 90’s (hey, I’m young) when I saw “Life with Mikey” (has anyone else seen that?). Yes, I’ve seen all his classics as well. I am currently reading this book, and although I am not one for politics, reading about his foundation and fight to find a cure for Parkinson’s is truely inspiring. He is completely honest and never once comes across feeling sorry for himself. I am halfway done, but could not recommend this book more.


  •  Watch this: Backstreet Boys “In a World Like This”. The Backstreet Boys have a history of making completely meaningless and boring music videos, and this one is no different. But, they are my Boys and I love them no matter what, so I would still recommend their most boring video to everyone. And believe it or not, this is not their most boring! I do love how bright it is compared to their usual style and that they look like they are having fun; as much fun as they can have singing and dancing on a hillside.
  • Eat this: Roasted Chickpeas. So. Good. My new favorite snack for sure. A little olive oil, salt and pepper, or any other seasonings you so desire and boom: tiny, crunchy pieces of Heaven. The key is to stir them around every ten minutes or so during baking and to take the skins off. It’s a pain in the ass, but trust me, do it.


  • Wear this: Uye Surana. Ugh. Ugh because it is so good. Ugh because I don’t have any of it (yet). Ugh because I am jealous of those who do. Just ugh. So many effortless, delicate pieces. And let’s be honest, the less effort I have to put into getting dressed, the better.


  • Blog love: Drifter & The Gypsy. The newest member of the Crossroads Style Council could not be cuter. She does not only post about her own style, but Micaela, along with her many contributors, share so many other inspiring images, recipes, DIYs, reviews, etc. This girl knows how to blog, ya’ll. And dress. And be awesome without making me jealous. Well, maybe just a tiny bit. She is a hell of a lot cooler than I was at 19.


(Patriotic) Friday Fail!

This did not come out as cute as I was hoping it would. Almost creepy, actually.


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Sorry for the pity party in Wednesday’s post. Sometimes a girl just has to whine, huh? At least I do. You know how sometimes it’s good to just have a nice cry? It’s like that. That reminds me, I haven’t had a good, long cry in quite some time. Better stock up on some tissue.

In other amazing news, I booked a huge job today that I am super duper excited about. I am walking the runway at the North American Trend Vision Awards next month in Vegas. Um, WTF? Runway? I have never done that before, but apparently people believe in me. Insane. I am beyond excited and I hope I will be able to get some videos and photos from it. It’s for hair; I am going brunette for it!

And now make way for some last minute thrown together favorites!

  • Listen to this: Backstreet Boys “In a World Like This”. Duh. And you’re welcome. DisclaimerYou know I had to, right? The new album is out next month so expect me to continue to fan girl out. I can’t help it. They’ve been my favorite band for more than half of my life.
  • Read this: I’ll be honest: I don’t watch or read news or current events. I am very ignorant about what goes on in this world. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that most of it is terrible things that make me sad or scared. So, I stay away. But at, you can get positive news. So, while I’ll still be out of the loop on politics and whatnot, at least I know that miniature horses are now being used as therapy animals and that a magician in Utah is performing a magic trick, turning $1 bills into $100 bills for people in need. And that makes me happy.


  • Watch this: “Wolf of Wall Street” Trailer. Leonard DiCaprio movies are pretty much a must see for me, but I’m especially excited for this because it’s not such an intense, dramatic roll. It is still a dramedy, but at least it has some comedy. I’ve been waiting since Catch Me If You Can for a more light hearted roll from Leo. Maybe he won’t die in this one! Now if he would only do a romantic comedy.
  • Eat this: Extreme Brownies. So, you actually probably should not eat this, but I feel the need to. Just once in my life, maybe. Do you eat the fried cheesecake at the fair? Skip that this year and eat this instead. Or just eat it to celebrate the first day of summer. Cookie Dough Cheesecake Brownie Pastry Pockets. I couldn’t even type that without drooling. Naomi is a genius. I vow to make these the day after my runway show!


  • Wear this: Lovers + Friends. Yes, yes, and more yes! I had to stop myself from continually going through this web site. It is full of really fun pieces of summer. Pieces that I want! Some that I need.


  • Blog love: Julia Topaz. This girl is beautiful and has the best minalmist chic, thrifted wardrobe. I think we would be friends if we knew each other. Or at least she would be my friend. Whether or not she would consider me a friend or a creep is a whole other question.


And of course we can’t forget the Friday Fail!

I don’t know what I was reacting to here, but it is a genuine expression.


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