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I am currently baking over 100 cupcakes, and possibly a last minute cake because I never think that enough is actually enough, for my brother’s bar. My sister is hosting the second annual Thanksgiving canned food drive and dinner and I am in charge of dessert. Now to anyone else, this means some cupcakes and cookies and call it a night. To me, this means that every single person who touches a cupcake must have a Heavenly experience and therefore need another, hence, enough is never enough.

I am majorly stressed out at the moment and no one should even look in the direction of my kitchen until I am done. Instead, direct your attention to the below Friday Favorites.

  • Listen to this: Best Voicemail Ever Gives Hilarious Play-by-Play of Car Accident. While I do not condone uncessesary violence, even if it is little old lady against an adult male, this has to be the funniest voicemail anyone has ever left or recieved.

  • Read this: 30 Things You’re Only Afraid of if You Live in Los Angeles. Yes to 90% of these. Especially the earthquake ones. ESPECIALLY being on a freeway during an earthquake and a bridge falling down on top of me, or collapsing below me. And driving over the mountains. And helicopters shining into my bedroom window. In short, yes. Los Angeles makes me a scardy cat. Why does everyone want to live there?


    • Watch this: Reverse Pickpocketing. Restoring my faith in humanity. If I had extra money, I would love to do this. I think more than college students should be targeted, but it is a step in the very right direction. Helping people makes my heart smile.
  • Eat this: Cranberry Crostini. Last year Ugly Mug and I were in charge of Thanksgiving appetizers. We went a little overboard and bought out the cheese and deli section at Trader Joe’s and had cheese coming out of our ears. This year, I want to pick a select stand outs and keep it simple. These cranberry crostinis look and sound perfect!



  • Wear this: Karen London. You know I am not much of an accessories person; I want to be, don’t get me wrong. I love stacked rings and layered necklaces, I just don’t have the patience for it all and I am constantly fidigiting with it all. But, there is something about Karen London jewelry  (as seen on Dylana Suarez below) that is so special. They are statement pieces without being costumey. I can get down with that.


  • Blog love: Wendy’s Lookbook. If I could only describe Wendy in one word, it would be “polished”. That is exactly what she is. Pretty and polished. Her posts are actually enjoyable too, which I cannot say of all the blogs I follow, or even love. Sometimes I just scroll through for the photos. But not on Wendy’s blog. Cnogratulations for taming my short attention span Wendy!

Autumn-Plum-10-433x650 (1)

Happy Friday whaaaaaaa jump fall Fail!


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You guys. I ranted and raved and whined and acted a fool about the weather in yesterday’s post and today I was rewarded. It is overcast, and some might even say chilly. Lesson of the day? Whine and snivel and you will get what you want. Win.

Plans this weekend? The Christmas tree lighting at The Grove is on Sunday and I am so excited to go! I am obsessed with Christmas and there is going to be a huge tree, pretty lights, fake snow, hot chocolate, and Christmas cheer!

  • Listen to this: Ian Axel “Say Something”. My instructor put this song on during our cool down stretch at the end of a kickboxing class I took the other day and for some reason, I immediately resonated with it and googled the lyrics to find it. I just think it is a beautifully sad song. I’ve never heard of Ian Axel before now, and came to find out he is now a duo called A Great Big World. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • Read this: Batkid Fights Crime in San Francisco: This might be the sweetest, most awesome, tear jerking thing ever in life. Miles Scott, AKA, Batkid was granted his wish today by the Make a Wish Foundation and ran all over San Francisco today rescuing damsels in distress, fighting crime, and putting away the bad guys. Stuff like this makes me believe in humanity again. You can read updates and see photos by clicking the photo below!

BZH6hDtCMAAlF1u.jpg large

  • Watch this: What I Kind Campaign? And then watch the Finding Kind documentary. It’s not a secret that I am in love with Aaron Paul, because, who isn’t? But I think I may just love his wife, Lauren, even more. Lauren is the co-founder of Kind Campaign, which is a non profit documentary and school program to teach girls about kindness and to fight toward an end to girl on girl bullying and violence. They have made a documentary, traveled the country with their program, speaking with girls in middle schools and high schools. She is a true inspiration. And gorgeous. And I think I am more jealous of Aaron Paul because he is married to her than I am of Lauren Paul being married to Aaron Paul. Woman crush, for sure.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Is it really that big of a surprise? I am obsessed with all things Autumn, holidays, and pumpkin, so finding a recipe for a homemade pumpkin spice latte seemed necessary. I found one that can rival Starbucks’ recipe, for sure; you can even make this recipe sugar free by trying with honey or any other sugar substitute!


  • Wear this: American Two Shot. Can I have all the things? Just all of them. It will make me very, very happy! I think I stumbled upon American Two Shot randomly on Instagram. Oh the magical things that insomnia leads you to!


  • Blog love: A Fashion Nerd. Another blogger/model? Huge bored, right? No. Not at all. Amy is one of those super awesome, authentic, can literally wear anything and look amazing kind of gals that I am super envious of. I think you should check her out. She has my recommendation and although that means nothing to anyone, it at least means that I think she is one of the coolest chicks on the internet.


Happy Friday ‘why don’t people have common courtesy anymore” Fail!


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Ok, I am waving my white flag to getting dressed today or looking like or being a contributing member of society. Some days, you just need to bum around. What better day than a Friday?

Any plans this weekend? I am working, so I need to live vicariously through your plans.

  • Listen to this: Britney Spears “Perfume”. I may be in the minority, but I love Britney’s ballads. “Everytime” is one of my favorite Britney songs of all time. And yes, we are on a first name basis. Also most likely in the minority here, but without all the auto tune, she does has a really pretty voice. Bravo, Britney!
  • Read this: Headphones Project. I cannot be the only one who, when seeing someone wearing headphones, wonders what they are listening to and tries to guess. The Headphones Project does just that; asks strangers what they are listening to. It’s really interesting to scroll through, seeing someone’s appearance and occasionally being surprised at what they are listening to. Yes, I know not to based judge on appearance, but take this guy below for example: He was listening to Cher Lloyd “Swagger Jagger“. You can’t tell me you aren’t surprised by that.


  • Watch this: The New York Subway Signs Experiment. Apparently, subway conductors in New York must point at a sign at each stop, that is a sign every hour, every day, to show that they have arrived. A few creative people decided to take advantage of this and make a few subway conductors’ day. Isn’t it nice when people go out of their way to make a stranger smile?
  • Eat this:Chocolate Pumpkin Peanut Butter. I am obsessed with peanut butter. I am in love with pumpkin. Combine the two and I will love you forever. Add chocolate and there is no telling what I will do. Which makes me nervous to try these. What if I can’t stop eating them and they are the only thing I eat the rest of my life? I am really determined to make these since I picked up what I thought was a pumpkin peanut butter cup from the store the around Halloween, but turned out to be a pumpkin shaped peanut butter cup. Sure, I ate it, but begrudgingly. I need the real thing now.


  • Wear this: Prism Boutique. Ok, so I am a bit of a fraud here. I have never been to this boutique and they do not have an online shop just yet, but does that mean I can’t want to shop there? I still want all of their things! I may have to make a special trip out to Long Beach just to visit!


  • Blog love: Love by Natsu. This chick is the epitome of effortless chic. When I try it, I look like a bum (see opening of blog post), so I applaud those who can really pull off a simple, chic look.


And it’s another Friday Fail for all you lovely people!

Bitch face for all those not so lovely people who photo bomb my shoots.


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Happy Friday!

I’m on a boat, ya’ll!

This Friday Favorites is coming to you from the past. Kind of. I put it together before I left and scheduled it, so basically, here’s hoping that Word Press comes through for me and this posts! I wouldn’t want to disappoint all my followers my follower.

    • Listen to this: John Newman “Love Me Again”. I really like this guy. I really like this song. I think you will too. That is the point of this whole post, right? Can you tell I have nothing further to say about this song? Sometimes you just like a song. No other words are needed.
  • Read this: 21 Photographers Share the Most Amazing Shot They Ever Captured. Stealing this from Facebook and technically it’s not really something to read (besides the photo captions); I so failed this week. I think you’ll forgive me when you see some of these photos, though. Being someone who always misses “the shot” or can never quite frame it as I see it in my mind, seeing the talent that these photographers have is truely inspiring. Thanks Mr. Brian Bender for sharing!


  • Watch this: GravityI talked about it in my last post, and I’ll talk about it again. It is worth it. Sandra Bullock is so amazing, and seeing it in 3D really sucks you into it even more. Mr. Ugly Mug actually has plans to see this movie again two days after we saw it. He will rarely re-watch a movie in the same year, so that is how you know it is epic. And coming from someone who rarely watches behind the scenes of DVDs (except bloopers, those are my favorite), I cannot wait for the extras on this DVD.


  • Eat this: Pumpkin Mac & Cheese. Is this taking the whole pumpkin thing too far? Pumpkin and chocolate or peanut butter, I understand, but pumpkin and cheese? I am not sure about. I am willing to do some research and find out though. For the good of all that is pumpkin and Autumn amazingness. I do love, and I mean love, butternut squash ravioli, so I feel like it would be along the same lines.


  • Wear this: Current Elliot. So, basically just everything I need. All things denim, which you really cannot go wrong with. I still do not have the perfect pair of jeans or the perfect denim top, but I am always looking. Thanks to Current Elliot, I now have a new standard.


  • Blog love: Ascot Friday. She is the one behind the Instagram Target Does it Again, which makes people want to go to Target and blow all their money more than they already do on their own, by posting all the best finds. She also runs her own style blog, Ascot Friday, which makes me want to run out and blow all my money to recreate her outfits. Basically, if you want to blow your money and be the owner of awesome things and clothes, follow this girl.


Happy Friday Fail ya’ll!

Sitting is tiring!


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Don’t mind my lack of inspiration these days. My closet right now is just “blah” to me. Isn’t it funny when that happens and then in a week or two, you’re inspired and find “new” outfits in the same closet that you could barely put together a t-shirt and jeans from?

That’s the good thing about the weekend: I am stricktly on t-shirt and jeans duty. Or pajamas. Or pajama jeans. Man, now I am wishing for a pair of pajama jeans. Don’t tell me you’re not the least bit curious about those!

Any plans this weekend? I am working, baking, game nighting, and hiking!

  • Listen to this: Miley Cyrus, Bangerz. Yes, it is a dumb title. Yes, we are all sick of her antics. Yes, we know that she is going to be utterly and completey embarassed by herself in a few years. But, and not the one that hangs out of her hot pants, this album is really fun. I didn’t want to like it because I respect myself too much, but I do. No shame here, even with lyrics like, “It’s bananas like a fucking ‘rangatang bitch.”


  • Read this: Number of Times I’ve Been Asked if an Actress is Getting Fat: 9 – Number of Times I’ve Benn Asked if an Actor is Getting Fat: 0“, by Alison Freer. This article is really eye opening, but not shocking. I am surprised a stylist chose to be so honest in a piece, Unfortunately, I am not surprised by the story she tells. I will be the first to admit that I have struggled, and continue to, with my body image. I will never place blame on the media, because I have my own mind and opinion and am not easily persuaded (um, hello, most stubborn person alive over here!), and I do think America and the media has gotten better, but the acceptance of all types of beauty is not quite there yet.

alison rack check

    • Watch this: Lie Witness News – Fashion Week 2013. This is old, but if you haven’t seen it, then you’re welcome! Jimmy Kimmel always brings the laughs, but it is the wannabe fashionistas that will latch onto anything they think is “in”, is what really makes this video so amazing!
  • Eat this: Pumpkin Butter. Let me begin by saying that I will never apologize for sharing too many pumpkin recipes. If you are sick of pumpkin already (um, it’s not even November, you better get over that shit), then you are sick of me. The most basic pumpkin necessity that you will need this Fall season is pumpkin butter. While Trader Joes’ has the most amazing pumpkin butter on earth, it comes in such small jars, and I can make multiple, larger jars for the same price. And with less sugar! Here is the basic recipe that I follow! I mix it into my oatmeal, my peanut butter (yes, pumpkin peanut butter. You’re welcome for the idea), but most of the time, I just eat it with a spoon.


  • Wear this: Black Swan Clothing: Sometimes, you’re just minding your own business clicking through blogs, Pinterest, Tumblr, and all those what nots and you just land and on the most perfect clothing company and collection. Check out Black Swan Clothing if you want to spend the next few minutes, hours, and days, just lusting over clothes, convincing yourself that your life is empty now that you know these beautiful pieces aren’t in your closet. That’s normal, right?


  • Blog love: My Daily Style. Isn’t she just gorgeous? I feel like if I knew how to perfect my style and look, this would be it. So I basically would like to be her or just steal her wardrobe, which is ok to admit, right? Casual, effortless, chic; and you know I am loving her because I actually used the word “chic”.


Happy Friday Fail!

It’s time for me to go make a cake!

We had a visitor during our last outfit shoot!


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Well TGIF to you, fellow bloggers and blog readers! Maybe a family member or two. A friend, perhaps?

Well, I am just two weeks out until I board a Carnival cruise ship to go on the Backstreet Boys cruise! I kid you not. It is a real thing and I am actually going on it. For the second time. I will be spending the next two weeks trying to scramble around getting all my theme night outfits together, writing lists so I don’t forget anything, and working out; an upcoming cruise to the Bahamas definitely helps to kick your butt into gear!

Any plans for you? Is October just flying by, or what? I am worried I am going to blink and fall, winter, and the holidays will be over. I definitely need to slow down and just enjoy, bake, and bask in the season. It would help if it looked and felt like the particular season outside, though.

  • Listen to this: Tori Kelly. I was introduced to Tori Kelly recently by a friend (hi, friend, if you are reading this!), and I am glad I was! She has such a sweet voice and heartfelt songs. She reminds me of a young lady, who no longer makes music, that I was a big fan of, Krystal Harris. It’s nice to have this type of music to listen to in the background; it’s soul soothing.


  • Read this: Different Cities, Same Salary: Comparing the Lifestyles of Two Twenty-Two Year Olds. It is rather interesting to read about the lifestyles of two people who make relatively the same amount of money per year, but because they live in such different cities, have completely different access to certain lifestyles. This article compares two woman; one who lives in Texas and the other in New York. I can definitely relate to this coming to Los Angeles from Sacramento. My friends in Sacramento can afford nice apartments in Midtown or rent spacious homes for the same cost as small apartments, in not so safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Location, location, location!


  • Watch this: The Michael J. Fox Show. No one loves a good sitcom more than I do; I am forever a nineties child at heart., so when the Michael J. Fox Show was announced, I was stoked. One of my favorite movies as a kid was Life With Mikey, I assume one of his least known movies. I am and will forever be a MJF shipper, so please enjoy this new show so I can continue enjoying it. But, really, who doesn’t love Michael J. Fox? Plus, you still get a weekly dose of Betsy Brandt. It’s a win win.

The Michael J. Fox Show

  • Eat this: S’mores Fudge Bars. Just because ’tis the season for baking, and not roasting outside over a fire pit, does not mean that you have to life without s’mores until next year. Oh no. Finding this will certainly get me in trouble! I foresee making these for many upcoming holiday parties, just to have an excuse to eat them.


    • Wear this: Joie. Just the exact silhouettes I am looking for this fall. Relaxed, but not too. Casual, but structured. Just a lot of goodness going on here.
  • Blog love: Fashion Me Now. Who doesn’t love a good UK blogger. The style is the best there. Hands down. Sorry, America, you can’t argue. Lucy is no exception. And I just fell in love with the name Lucy just as I typed that. Almost as much as I fell in love with Lucy’s blog. I definitely love Lucy. Don’t be surprised when you see me replicate this exact outfit just about every weekend this fall.


And of course, your weekly Friday Fail!

Ugly Mug always tells me to put my chin down. I just want to live in a world with my chin up!


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The weekend is here! Too bad I work on Saturdays; that does not mean that I don’t have plans, though. I have somewhat necessary, boring adult plans, but plans are plans, are they not?

One of those boring adult plans is finally getting my tiny “office” space together! Once that is done, which still might be a while, I will happily share photos of my little corner. I am definitely not one that has any talent in decorating or putting anything together, though I wish I was. Maybe I need to watch more HGTV or Pinterest more?

What are you up to on this fine Autumn weekend?

  • Listen to this: Lorde, “Pure Heroine”. I finally got around to listening to Lorde’s entire album and I am hooked. This little lady has quite the voice and talent. If I only had a pinky’s worth of talent that Lorde has, I would have no complaints! I definitely recommend giving this album a listen. Whether you buy it, borrow it, download it, stream it, rent it from the library; I don’t care. Just do it.


  • Read this: 21 Genius Larry David-isms for Dealing with People. Larry David has been entertaining me for the majoirty of my life. I grew up with Seinfeld and continue to watch the repeats; it is still laugh out loud funny and relatable no matter how many times I have seen each episode. It continues with Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you don’t watch Curb, read this and you just might start!


  • Watch this: Need for Speed Trailer. With Breaking Bad gone, I am already itching to get my fix of the amazing cast. So, next up is Aaron Paul in Need for Speed next Spring! I can’t say that I would normally be excited for this type of movie, but for Aaron Paul, I can be. I guess that means I will have to see Godzilla for Bryan Cranston too.
  • Eat this: Pumpkin Oat Pancakes. Sometimes I am the worst at planning anything in advance. Other times, I plan little, simple things so far in advance that I am afraid I will not be able to make it there. Like with these pancakes. I am definitely going to make these Pumpkin Oat Pancakes for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Once I saw them, I could not imagine anything else for breakfast that day. Except for the long held tradition of leftover pie. Don’t worry, I still plan to have pie, but these pancakes will definitely also be on my breakfast plate.


  • Wear this: Samantha Pleet. Fashion week recently reminded of the lovely Samantha Pleet. Created only 7 years ago, this lady has come a long way! Her collections are modern, yet vintage inspired. Just beautiful.


  • Blog love: Free People Blog. I could have sworn that I have shared this blog before. I searched my blog and it did not come up, so if this is a repeat, blame wordpress’ search function, not me. This blog is good enough to share more than once anyway! My favorite feature is the employee and off duty model style; everyone there should be a style blogger if they are not already. I also obsessivly check the blog at the beginning of each month of the new desktop calender. Sadly, the October one is not up yet. You bet your ass I’ll keep checking.


And finally, the reason you love this feature, the Friday Fail!

Food. In. My. Teeth. So cute.


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