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I definitely felt a bit biker chic in this outfit with the leather jacket and the boots. It’s nice to feel a bit bad ass at times. Or rad, apparently, as the title suggests.

Do you ever buy multipes of the same clothing item? I don’t want to admit how many pairs of black booties I have accumulated. I personally can see the big differences in each pair, but no one around me can seem to tell them a part. I scored these beauties at Crossroads Trading Co on Black Friday (the only place I will ever brave on Black Friday). They have a taller heel and go up higher on my ankle; I think that is enough to justifiy another pair of black booties.




// Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Forever 21  // Shorts: Bows & Arrows // Boots: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Necklace: Fly Wheel  //

These shorts. These amazing, looks like my Grandmother’s couch shorts. I picked them up sometime last Spring and I never got around to wearing them. They are quite short, so I assumed I would save them for Fall and wear them with tights. I finally go to wear the hell out of them and the zipper breaks. The kind of break where the zipper still zips up, but the zipper does not stay together. The worst kind of break because it gives you false hope! Well, maybe if I just try again, it will catch on this time. No matter how many times I tried, it never caught. So, ladies and maybe one gentleman, my fly is open in these photos and I wore it open all day long. I zipped them up half way so the opening would stay as closed as possible and wore my sweater over it, even though I really want to tuck it in. Oh, fashion probs.

Good thing my Grandma used to be a seamstress. I am taking advantage of that for sure.




I find it amusing that this outfit is pretty much the opposite of the style of my last outfit posted. Boho to biker.

Also, how is this for some epic hair tossing? If you’ve got it, toss it. No need to wait for a Friday Fail.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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This is a re-creation of the outfit I wore to have dinner with the Crossroads Style Council ladies last week. It was so great to meet so many wonderful bloggers that I have been following for so long. They could not have been any nicer, and so beautiful! I learned that I must be a horrible blogger because I did not take one single photo during the dinner. I suppose that means that we all just need to meet up again! What do you say, ladies?

Be sure to check out all the wonderful ladies from the Crossroads Style Council; each with their own unique personal style and voice!

Polka dots with polka dots. Because, why not?





// Top: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Blazer: Stolen from my sister’s closet // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Marshalls // Wallet: c/o Chicastic //

Remember my Chicastic giveaway a couple of weeks ago? Of course you do because you all entered as many times as possible as to not miss out on the cutest gift basket ever. This wallet was gifted to me by Chicastic and I have barely put it down. Sometimes carrying a purse around all day is such a pain, so I’ve been using this statement wallet instead!

What goes better with polka dots than polka dots?




Do I need to mention how much I love this blazer? The color plus the oversized fit is perfection for a transition into fall.



We met a couple furry friends!



And now I am off to spin class. Because I hate myself.



All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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Candy + Clothes. These are the things that make me happy on any given day. I think that’s a true statement for all woman. And people in general.

So. I’m 27 today.

I don’t know what else to say about that. I’m not into celebrating my birthday. Yes, I am one of those people. I appreciate well wishes and cards, and who can turn down presents, but I don’t need, or want, the hoopla. I’ll be honest, my birthday turns me into a brat.

Honestly, I don’t like being disappointed. My birthday always tends to lead to disappointment and I’d rather bypass that and just enjoy a regular day.

So. Let’s move on. I just felt the need to represent the people who don’t like birthdays. I’m not a kill joy; quite the opposite.

27. It’s such an odd age. I am in my late twenties. It kind of makes me want to barf.




// Top: Gap // Shorts: Forever 21 // Boots: Thrift Town // Hat: Marshalls //

If there is an Urban Outfitters Surplus store near you, get there. The entire store is on sale. And they have ping pong, foosball, arcade games, and a photobooth. Win.

We cheated with the photobooth and used our own camera.


I play a mean game of ping pong. Meaning, I am terrible and I am a poor sport.


Candy galore.


The only thing I enjoy about my birthday is that I get to eat whatever I want and I don’t feel guilty about it.




The first fail collage?


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Job hunting is pretty much the worst.

If you want to feel like the lowest form of yourself, you should look for a new job. According to all the requirments, that no one can possibly meet, you are not good enough to be a part of the working world. I have learned that although I have seven years experience in marketing and promotions, I am not qualified for the simplest entry level position. I am going to assume that this is partly due to “resume bots”; a computer system that analyzes your resume before a human being even sees it.

So, here’s to job hunting. Do you have any advice, tips, tricks, miracles for job hunting?

In the meantime, I am taking advantage of this unemployed opportunity to test out the water in modeling. So, I supposed this period in my life is bittersweet.

I am also using this opportunity to test out wearing lipstick. Discuss.



// Vest: Thrifted via Goodwill // Shorts: Forever 21 // Top: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Thrifted via Salvation Army //

I am getting to the point where I am not sure what day of the week or date it is. Have you ever worked freelance and had that problem?




How early do you start thinking about the weekend?

I started at the end of last weekend. Even though I’m working freelance right now, meaning not necessarily daily, weekends have a different atmosphere than weekdays. I usually get more done on weekends than any weekday.

And I just reminded myself how much I need to get done this weekend. My excitment has now lowered.




All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Warning: Lazy outfit ahead.

We all have those days or nights when we just need something to throw on for a last minute errand. Just because I am a blogger, does not mean that I can’t look a mess when I run out. In fact, I normally do. I am too lazy to try to look good when running out for twenty minutes. Call it my last minute uniform if you will.

I wore this during a recent late evening trip to Trader Joe’s to make portobello burgers, courtesy of Jessica’s blog of course.

By the way, I love going to the grocery store. I don’t know if it’s because I love food or because it makes me feel like a grown up. When I was unemployed, to entertain myself, I would walk to the grocery store daily. Yes, I consider grocery shopping entertainment.



// Sweater: Marshalls // Shorts: Forever 21 // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Flats: Target // Glasses: Chanel //

Side topic: I love things that make me feel like a grown up, like running errands and using the word “errand”.




Seriously, make these “burgers“. You will not miss the meat.


I think I love Trader Joe’s so much because of the samples. I will admit that I have stopped there before just for the sample. Even though I should be, I am not ashamed.



Oh yeah, and I wear glasses occasionally; to drive at night, to watch TV or movies, and to see what trees really look like.

And here ends my non sponsored post about Trader Joe’s.

You also now know that I am the most boring person on Earth.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Well, it’s Wednesday.

That’s just a statement. No rhyme or reason behind it. Now, if I said,”Well, it’s Wednesday, it’s my best friends birthday,”; that would have a rhyme to it, but not a reason. Because it would be a lie.

Yes, this is a nonsense post opening. Blame it on Wednesday. Hump day does not always mean what it seemingly indicates (if you get what I am indicating); it usually means that you’re halfway to the weekend and if you’re like me, with plans to drive to LA, then you’re not just itching for it to be Friday afternoon, you’re already scratching.

Speaking of scratching, no, scratch that; Weird, gross segway segue.


*Tank: Urban Outfitters. *Shorts: Forever 21. *Boots: Charlotte Russe. *Truck: Not Mine.

I am about to sound like a typical blogger. “Oh-Me-Gee, you guuuuuys, it is totes hot. I canNOT handle this cray weather.”

Um, just kidding. I don’t sound like that unless I’m whining. And I really hope that if you’re a blogger, that you don’t sound like that. If you do, let’s not be friends.

But for real. It has been over 100 everyday for about two weeks. That does deserve a “cray.”


By the way, I’m making plans. Big plans. Well I have plans to make big plans. It’s in regards to this blog, so that’s why it’s relevant to you. Unfortunately, I don’t know what these plans actually are, but I feel like I could be doing a lot more. So, I will.

If my horoscope in the local paper is correct, and let’s be honest, they wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true, then I am going places, people. And I will be bringing you along!


This is as close as I’m going to get with hopping on the neon trend. Let’s just say, pale skin and neon colors do not equate to cuteness.

In other news, I found a campground that also has a water park. Can you say, “That’s totally where I am having my birthday party! *Squeee*”? I originally had a few more “e’s” but I thought that was overkill.




All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Look Ma, no matching!

If I was cool, I would have said “suckas” in my blog title, but since I’m just totally rad, I say “suckers.”

Now that we know that I value my education and using the English language correctly, let’s talk about print mixing. You need to be brave. When people give you the second glance, and not in the “dayum” way, or flat out tell you that you do not match, as in your mom (hi, mom!), you question your outfit. Then, I remember that the more people who question my outfit, usually means that I like it more. Suck on that suckers suckas.


*Shirt: Forever 21. *Shorts: c/o Francesca’s Collections. *Boots: H&M. *Bag: Claire’s


I might have a problem with wearing my sunglasses everywhere but on my face. I’m not going to lie, sometimes they are used as a non-face accessory.


Sick of this bag yet? I’m not. I am, however, lusting over this on over at Threadsence, but alas, it is out of stock.

Let’s also talk about my majah (a la, Rachel Zoe style) skank face. Or, let’s not. I think it was sunny. It is definitely not because I was in a not so fun mood, because we all know that I am a bowl full of sunshine; all the time.

By the way, my aunt calls everything skanky. She’s awesome. So, that’s where that came from.




We found this giant concrete tube and thought, “Oh, artistic photos, here we come!” We were wrong. So wrong, that this is the only one you get to see. I look like I’ve never been inside a giant concrete tube while someone is taking my picture before, aka, majah confused face. Which sometimes looks like a constipation face. Too much information?




All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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