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Today is Friday (duh). This week went by entirely too fast.

Um, I am seeing Aaron Carter in concert this weekend. Two times. Yes, “I Want Candy” Aaron Carter. I haven’t seen this dude in probably seven or eight years. So, fun times will be had!

    • Listen to this: Wolf Gang “The King and all of His Men. I’m sure you’ve heard this one the radio, maybe  a lot, but at least once. It definitely caught my attention and now I am bringing it to your attention. So, if I can have your attention, please: I like this song. You probably do too. If not, maybe you’ll fancy the rest of their music? Yes, Fridays are for fancy-ing.
  • Read this: Thug Kitchen. If you are not a bit intrigued by the title of this blog, I am ashamed of you. If you are not fantastically excited about the potential of this blog by reading the snippet below, I don’t even have words for you. I laughed at this site, by myself, for a good amount of time. I then laughed some more when showing my mom. Then my cousin. Then my Uncle. Please help me laugh some more as I show you.


    • Watch this: Hanson “Get The Girl Back” music video. Yes, that does say Hanson. And it says it non-ironically. Hanson just so happens to be one of my favorite bands; I’ve been following these boys (figuratively and somewhat literally on tours) ever since I heard the sweet, sweet sounds of “MmmBop” back in the day. This is the new video for their new single, and hey, hey The Fan Files makes an appearance! If you can’t love a band who has real fans in their videos, who can you love?
  • Eat this: Roasted Tomato Tartine. Summer time is coming and that means tomatoes! Huh? Doesn’t it mean swim suits, the beach, the foul smell of sunscreen, and overwhelming body insecurity? Yes, all that too, but it is prime tomato season. I used to hate tomatoes with a passion. Now, they are my passion. Well, maybe not passion, but toss a tomato on anything and it’s better. Especially a roasted tomato. Especially. Add some herbs and cheese. My God. Although, I am a big fan of anything smashed and smeared on toast, so I may be biased.


  • Wear this: The Cassette Society. What a fun brand! It’s just like a “too cool for school I am awesome” brand. And they are. And you would be too if you wore them. If you are going to any kind of music festival or shows this summer, you should wear this. If this summer is going to be spent in your parent’s basement trolling blogs, you should still wear this. Basically, wear it. p.s. can someone buy me that red dress with the sleeves? thanks!


  • Blog love: MAFFASHION. Every picture of this girls looks like it was torn straight from an editorial. I can only assume she is a model and if she’s not, she needs to be. Like yesterday. She has the coolest “off duty” style and, I’m just going to put it out there, is fucking gorgeous. If face transplants were an out patient procedure… I’d be tempted.


Remember that super awesome gif in my last post?

Here is the Friday Fail (and much awesome-er) version.

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