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To say it has been an interesting week would be an understatement. I would be glad that it was Friday and the weekend is finally here, but with being unemployeed at the moment, everyday is a weekened. Hooray!

We are planning on painting and putting together a work area for me this weekend. It will be really nice to have a small space of my own in this apartment that I share with three boys.

What are your weekend plans?

p.s. I fell asleep in my jeans last night. I’m surprised I slept through the night, let alone that I was still dressed that time of night. I’m usually in pajamas by 5 p.m.

p.p.s. Happy 1 year birthday to the Friday Favoirtes series!

  • Listen to this: Andrew Ripp. I just came across Andrew Ripp today, actually. He is a little pop, a little bluesy, and I noticed that he has a Christmas album, so you can guess what I will be listening to come July  December. I am really diggin’ his current single, Cool Ya (Nobody Loves You Like I Do), like dancing around while I try to unpack some more, diggin’.
  • Read this: An Open Letter to Beyonce Regarding her Ill-Advised Photo Embargo. Even seemingly perfect people have insecurities. Apparently Beyonce has banned photographers in an attempt keep unflattering photos, like these, from hitting the presses. Jessica Blankenship’s article is pretty spot on. Beyonce has always been about celebrating women of all kinds of beauty, but apprently not her own? Eh, I think the unflattering photos just show how hard she’s twerking working it. 


    • Watch this: Jimmy Kimmel “Lie Witness News”. Everyone has that one friend who listens to the most obsure bands that no one has ever heard of (and then subsequently stops listening to them when one other person starts to like them), and you could swear they are just making up band names to look cool. So Jimmy Kimmel went to Coachella to test out the validity of these hipsters and made up band names. Apparently these hipsters are so cool, they even love bands that don’t exsist. I wish I was that cool.
  • Eat this: M&M Cookies. Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned homemade cookie that reminds you of your childhood. I made a batch last night and I know the boys in my house appreciate it. I have yet to have one though, I’m trying to be good!


  • Blog love: The Glamourai. I have no doubt that you know Kelly’s blog. She is one of the most well known bloggers, and for a good reason. Besides her style, my favorite part of Kelly’s blog is her behind the scenes looks at her stylist job. My favorite part of being on set is seeing how things come together.


Here’s a good ol’ fashioned Friday Fail brought to you by a preview for next Monday’s post.


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If you’re reading this, I am currently driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend. Actually, that might not be true. If you are reading this between the hours of noon and 6 pm PST, then I am currently driving down to Los Angeles for the weekend. And if you happen to be reading this on Sunday night, then I am driving back up to Sacramento.

And there’s my schedule for the weekend, feel free to stalk me.

  • Listen to this: Cher Lloyd. Those Brits sure know how to make pop music, don’t they? Pop music is my not so guilty pleasure. A pop concert is the most fun anyone can have. Don’t argue; you won’t win.
  • Read this: Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB). If you have a blog, you want to read this. IFB provides fantastic articles and tips about blogging, at all levels. I’m sure you’ve heard about a little something called the IFB Conference? Yup, the same people.

  • Watch this: Act As If “Oh My My” music video. Ladies (and gentlemen?), I present you the music video that Ugly Mug and his team wrote, produced, directed, and edited. I am super proud of my boys! And not to brag, but the right side of my body, neck to knees, is in the opening scene. Like I said, not to brag, but it’s kind of a big deal.

  • Wear this: Evil Twin.You know when you find a brand that just perfectly embodies what you are feeling? That. Evil Twin is just killing it.

  • Blog love: LP Fashion Philosophy by Davie and Erica. Oh they are so cute. Too cute. So cute that you want to read their blog everyday. So cute that you want to be their fashion frenemies so you can raid their closets.

Friday Fail!

Um, I look like a child who just got caught doing something naughty.

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*Bloglovin’ * Facebook * Twitter

It’s Friday! That means jeans at work, a shorter work day, and no gym. Apparently, Fridays are for laziness. And I am OK with that! Here are a few things that I have been obsessing over this week. You’ll find that I obsess a lot.

  • Listen to This: The Givers. I saw these guys at Coachella and trust, they are worth a listen. They are worth more than a listen, but who am I to tell you to go spend your hard earned money on their albums and shows? I am telling you that though. Because they are worth it. If I was a Kardashian, I’d say “Bible.” I am not one, but that’s how serious I am. I forgive you if you don’t get that reference. It’s probably best that you don’t.

  • Read This: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns). Truth time. I am recommending a book that I have not read. So, let’s have a mini book club. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time and I’m going to go find it this weekend. What is not to love about Mindy Kaling? Seriously. If you don’t love her, something is wrong with you and you’re the one who everyone should hang out without and be having other concerns, not her.

  • Watch This: Like Crazy. Heartbreaking, gut wrenching, tear jerking. Those are all the qualities that you look for in a good movie right? Am I the only one who tortures themselves? I related to this movie because I am in a long distance relationship, so yes, it was torture to watch, but I loved it. I must like pain? If you are also in a long distance relationship, you might hate it. And then hate me for recommending it. So, actually don’t watch it. Just know that you should, but you didn’t hear it from me, because I’d like us to stay friends.

  • Eat This: Salade Lyonnaise Sandwich. If you have not had a runny egg in a sandwich, you have not lived. Yes, I define my life by the food I eat.

  • Wear This: Urban 1972. This is actually a “Shop Here” recommendation, but it’s all the same to me and since it’s my blog, you have to be OK with that. They carry a lot of great brands and they are affordable. I don’t think I need to convince you any further.

  • Blog Love: Color Me Nana. I have mentioned on here how obsessed with Dylana I am. My goal in life is to become her best friend so we can share clothes. Actually, it would just be me stealing sharing her clothes. We would probably not stay friends long.

Friday Fail!

I am not a graceful person.


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I survived Coachella. I don’t mean that I just survived a three day music festival, I mean that I survived camping in 104 degree heat in the middle of the desert for four days. I survived in a sauna tent with 6 people, waking up no later than 7 a.m. each day because I was choking on my own sweat. I survived dance parties, sunscreen in my eyes, dirt in every crevasse of my body, and UV rays stronger than if you were on the sun itself. And it was the best weekend ever.

If you have not been to a music festival, and if concerts, camping, and dirty, sweaty people are your thing, I highly recommend going to at least one in your lifetime. It is an experience that you cannot miss. I will be going again.



*Dress: Target. *Shoes: Thrifted via Crossroads. *Vest: Forever 21. *Hat: Fashion District in LA

I wore this outfit the first day of Coachella. I actually bought the dress the day before I left as a last minute outfit change because the shorts I was planning on wearing didn’t fit and in my last minute panic mode to buy out the travel section of Target for my Coachella survival kit, I passed this dress and knew it was the one, for day one. (Run on sentence for the win!)

Do you see how closely packed all the tents were? I would step out of my tent in the morning and basically into our neighbors tent. We had no choice but to make friends.

Those feathers are earrings hanging off my necklace. It’s as close to a DIY as I am going to get. As much as I want to be, I am just not crafty.

The first day was awesome. Breakfast was had, morning beer pong was played (the girls played “hydration pong” with water, while the boys lived dangerously on the edge with beer), pictures were taken, concerts were seen, and dance parities were had.



A few tips for you music festival virgins:

  • Bring a lot of water. If you are positive that you are bringing enough, bring more
  • Bring baby wipes. Even if the campsite has showers, you will not want to waste your time standing in line for hours. Baby wipes work miracles even on the most dirt crusted festival goer
  • You will not see every band that you want to – whether it is because of scheduling conflicts, your own drunken self, or the heat literally not letting you get up. Don’t stress. Enjoy what you can
  • Learn how to stuff your bra with granola bars because food is not permitted on festival grounds and the vendors on site are expensive.
  • On the food note, go back to your camp for dinner. It’s a chance to re-charge and regroup
  • Keep your phone off at night or when you are with your party to save the battery. You’ll need it when you separate to find each other


Professional cameras are not allowed on festival grounds, so as much as I wanted to document all the amazing (like, ah. mae. zing) fashion that was walking around me, it would not have been great quality with my point and shoot, and honestly, I wanted to focus on having fun and not on what other people were doing.


I like to touch my lips a lot in pictures.

Day one band highlights include Wallpaper, The Givers, Grouplove, and The Black Keys. Check them all out if you haven’t all ready.





All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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Or Thursday favorites, possibly no favorites, if this timed publishing experiment doesn’t work. I am currently in the middle of the desert, sweating dirt and bleeding sweat (oh hi, high of 102 degrees). While I am suffering, yet simultaneously having the time of my life at Coachella, here is what amused me this week!

  • Listen to This: Lissie. In preparing for Coachella, I’ve been listening to the artists performing and I found that I kind of love Lissie. She’s a little bit pop, a little bit country, and a little bit folksy (I am so good at descriptions). I’m pretty excited to see her this weekend!

  • Read This: 63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better in the 90s. Not only am I stuck in the 90s (musically, fashion wise, and my own age maturity) but I am stuck on boybands. If you were a tween/teen/girl/person in the 90s, you will appreciate this.

  • Watch This: The New Girl. It’s laugh out loud funny. Did you hear that? LOL worthy. That’s a big deal. If anything, just watch for Schmidt. I’m not sure we can be friends it it at least doesn’t make you smile.

  • Eat This: Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken. Because, yeah. Do I need to say why this needs to be in your mouth? Do it. Eat it. Be happy. Repeat.

  • Wear This: Brandy MelvilleI just fell in love with a clothing company. Take a peak at this lookbook and tell me your heart doesn’t pitter patter at the sight.

  • Blog Love: Fashion A Go GoJennifer was one of the models in the Brandy Melville lookbook that I posted above. Her blog is one of my favorites and a constant source of inspiration.

Friday Fail!


There was a car coming. You would make this face too if you were about to be run over.

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter and Instagram (@seekingstyle) for Coachella updates and pictures!


p.s. does anyone else miss the TGIF line up on ABC? Because I do. Don’t leave me hanging. Seriously. Who wouldn’t miss Boy Meets World?

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*Bloglovin’ * Facebook * Twitter

Yay for a new blog segment, if I keep it up!

I’ve seen other bloggers similarly share interesting links, pictures, and other whatnots that they have found throughout the week, and since I run into a lot of crap fun stuff online, I though I would start sharing too!

  • Listen to This: Of Monsters and Men. Best music discovery recently. They are on constant rotation. Check it out. Your ears will be pleased.

  • Watch This: Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel. So. Much. Win. This is the best segment on Saturday Night Live right now, and especially last weekends’. Kristen Wiig’s Drew Barrymore impression was spot on.

  • Wear This: Overalls. I was just day dreaming about how I wish overalls would come back in style so I could buy some. Now they have. And you bet your bottom a dollar that I have a pair on hold at Forever 21 as I type.

  • Blog Love: Blushing Ambition. I’ve been reading Annabel’s blog for a long time now and I am always infatuated with her outfits. You will be too. Unless, again, you don’t like cute outfits. Whatevs. I don’t judge. Yes I do.

Oh, and here’s some Friday Fail for you!

Happy Friday!

I hope you have awesomely amazing weekend plans!

p.s. I’m quite bossy aren’t I?

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