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This month’s thrift hall came down to the wire; I thrifted all my finds this month just this past week.

I am still up in Northern Calfornia for a few more days, and while I was here I took a little trip to the bay area to visit a friend and we hit up Crossroads in Oakland, where we both found some goodies. Next, I want to go to thrifting in San Francisco. I can’t even imagine the amazing finds in that city!

I enjoy fall thrifting more than summer. People seem to clean out their closets more often at the end of the summer, espeically college students moving out. Does fall bring back memories of getting ready for school, making each fall a time for re-organization? I also enjoy dressing in the fall months more than summer; layers and warm colors! I am looking for warm colors, browns, deep oranges and reds, knit blouses, and midi dresses.

First up; these shoes. They are a bit snug, but I could not pass them up.

Also, my sister thrifted that rug at Salvation Army. Thrifting runs in the family.


So new that I haven’t popped the tags yet.

I found items from Crossroads Trading Co (duh), the Salvation Army, and the cutest little thrift store called Thrift Shop operated by volunteers and full of the cutest old ladies in town.



I ‘thrifted’ this fuscia blazer from my sister’s closet. It counts.


A printed midi dress and a sheer black midi dress.


Two pairs of pants that look like pajamas. Ultimate comfort.


And playing in my sister’s closet. It’s cooler than yours, huh?


What were some of your thrifting finds in August?

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I’m late! Uh, that’s what she said?

This month’s “What I thrifted…” post is late and lacking. I only thrifted one thing. It was not for lack of trying; I went out looking a few times, but I am trying to be more selective of what I buy, not just to save money, but to create a wardrobe that I actually love.

The only piece that I found in July that I loved was this white, lace dress at Buffao Exchange when I was in Phoenix. I’ve probably worn it at least once a week since I bought it. It is perfect for summer and so easy to style.

I’ve never been one to wear white; I’m clumsy, a little sloppy, and very, very not tan at all, but this dress called to me. And is it just me, or does it make me look a bit tan?

Yeah, I thought it was just me.





// Dress: Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange // Kimono: Forever 21 // Shoes: Thrifted via Thrift Town // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Ring: c/o Style Lately // iPhone Case: c/o Caseable //

How cute is my iPhone cover? So cute you need a giveaway, huh? Ok, then! Look out for one coming later this week!





I have so many fails from this photo set, that I need to share one early. Happy fail Tuesday!

I am actually a very creepy person.

I think this was me being excited to take a creeper photo of Ugly Mug as he was taking photos of me.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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You are going to be extremely annoyed with my obnoxious fan girl behavior today and tomorrow.

The new Backstreet Boys album is out today! I am going to see them on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight and tomorrow I am going to see them perform at the Grove. So please excuse my tweets and instagrams now because I will not be forgiving. They make me bopper.

If you want to experience extreme euphoria, I suggest you pick up a copy of the new album.

And that concludes my informercial. To be continued when I see them on tour three times in September. And go on the cruise in October.

I am not playing around here, people.

Can you believe I finally am posting a proper outfit post? It has been a month. A month. I wish this was a more epic outfit to make up for the fact, but it is simple; just like my style.

It is also 100% Crossroads, because what else would it be?





// Top, Skirt, Shoes, & Purse: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co. // Sunglasses: H&M //

This skirt is my favorite thrift find in quite a long time. The high waist, the color, the buttons: all perfection. And it fit me. I may have done a victory dance in the dressing room when I found it. Can you blame me?

Fun fact: I got all these items at all different Crossroads’ stores.

Ah my love for Crossroads is endless. It’s like shopping at all the stores at once.

And now ends my informercial for Crossroads. Until next time!





What’s the verdict on my hair color? It has faded a bit and is somewhat lighter than when it was first colored for work. I am still on the fence. It is a livable color, but I definitely prefer blonde. To save money and further damaging my hair, I will probably keep it for a little while longer. I definitely want to be back to blonde before my wedding though.




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I am currently in Las Vegas modeling for NATVA, the North American Trend Vision Awards, representing Wella Professionals.

I snapped a few photos the day my hair was prepped and it is a big change! Fun fact: I have only had my hair dyed once before, and what was supposed to turn out an auburn shade turned out undeniably purple, so the next day I went (to a different salon) to get the color stripped out. That was more than seven years ago. With one hair trama under my belt, I was understandably nervous to get my hair done for this event, but it was such a great opportunity, I dove right in. It was colored for teaching techniques and for the specific hair style I will have on the runway and I cannot wait to share images from this week’s show and presentations!

I will be honest, I have mixed feelings. I’m sure most women can relate; my hair is a big part of my identity so such a drastic change is a little terrifying.






Ready for the big reveal??

One more fun fact: I worked with Wella in April as a live hair model for a teaching seminar in their studio.


Drum roll please…

…Excuse my exhausted expression.


I still do a double take when I look into the mirror.


To keep up with my Vegas adventures this week, and you’re going to want to see the CRA-ZY things going on with my hair, follow me on Instagram!

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Remember to shop my Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

Hey it’s Friday again!

You want to know how badly I needed it to be Friday? I tried to put my sunglasses on over my regular glasses yesterday. Super uncool fail.

But that’s ok, because I have some cool things to distract you from your last day at work until the weekend. Unless you work weekends. Then I feel sorry for you. Been there, done that.

  • Listen to this: Icona Pop. Talk about fun! This is a dance around your house in your underwear, using a spatula as a microphone. Why a spatula? Because you’re making cookies, duh. Not because I like to dance when I make cookies, not at all. It just sounds like a fun thing to do. If you’re into weird things. Just listen to the song that I’m sure you’ve heard about twenty million times on the radio already. I’ve been in a dance pop mood lately. It must be Spring!
  • Read this: My Life in France by Julia Child. Julie of Orchid Grey mentioned reading this book on her blog and I made a note to put it on my reading list. Now, if I ever get to my reading list, this will probably be at the top. Honestly, the only things I know about Julia Child are from the movie Julie and Julia, which I feel lame admitting, but that is all the more reason to read this book. She is fascinating to me and I barely know anything about her, so imagine how much I will love her when I learn more. 


  • Watch this: To The Wonder movie trailer. I admit that I am not sure what this movie is about, but I do know one thing: Rachel McAdams can do no wrong. Exhibit one: Obviously, The Notebook. Exhibit two: Morning Glory. Shut up. I really liked it. Exhibit three: Ryan Gosling. Even if they aren’t together anymore, it still counts. So of course her new movie is a must see. And Ben Affleck doesn’t hurt the movie’s cred either. 
  • Eat this: Chocolate Peanut Butter CupcakesI’m sorry, if you are on a diet or just generally eat well. This will ruin all of that. Have you ever had peanut butter frosting? It is Heaven. Literally, I would like to die and go to a Heaven in which all I do is eat peanut butter frosting. Oh, and then you cover it in chocolate. What is going on? Is this real life? Can I survive on this cupcake alone? I would like to try. 


  • Wear this: Vintage Shoe Company. Have you ever noticed that all of the best shoes are always credited as “vintage”? It drives me crazy that all these amazing boots are nowhere to be found unless they are hand me downs from what must be the coolest mom ever or the rarest of rare thrift find. Be jealous, no more! In comes Vintage Shoe Company. They keep the fine art of shoe making alive.

FireShot Screen Capture #090 - 'Vintage Shoes- The Official Website for Vintage Shoes and Boots' - www_vintageshoecompany_com

  • Blog love: Missing Lovebirds. I adore this girl’s funky vintage style. She has the best thrifting luck. The best. I am constantly jealous of her finds and I secretly wish I could follow her as she thrifts and pick up all the things she decides not to get, because even though she isn’t getting it, it’s probably still better than what I have the ability to find. To even be as half as cool as she is, is my new goal in life.


Friday fail!

It sure is hard work to be a blogger.


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Happy Friday!

What do all you lovelies have planned this weekend? I’m mostly winging it with a little Spring cleaning and antiquing thrown in. What more does a girl need for a good weekened?

  • Listen to this: She & Him “Never Wanted Your Love”. Yessssss, I’ve been waiting for a new She  & Him album! I love She & Him. Well, mostly She becaue I don’t know Him. Not that I personally know She, but I know her from TV and movies, and I only know Him from She & Him. Are you lost yet? She & Him has the perfect throwback sound to compliment Zooey’s hauntingly beautiful voice. Also, I am obssed with their Christmas album. I may or may not listen to it throughout the year. And when I say may not, I definitely mean that I do. 
  • Read this: The No Limites Job. This article from The New York Times is quite troubling. While I am not in a situation like this, soon enough I will be starting over with my move, and my hopes for finding a job are already dim in economic times like this, but also knowing that companies are focused on hiring those who will do anything for nothing, especially in the creative fields, puts a larger weight of worry on my shoulders. Are you in a similar situation?


  • Watch this: The Hangover 3 Trailer. So. Excited. That is all that needs to be said. I know you are excited too. P.S The addition of John Goodman? Epic.
  • Eat this: Angel Food French Toast. What? What?! Jessica has the insane ability to create exactly what I am craving, even if I don’t know I am craving it. The second I saw this recipe on How Sweet It Is, it’s all I have wanted. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. Does it not sound like a mouthful of Heaven?


  • Wear this: MinkPink. Perfect for the free spirit who dresses for fun. Totally boho, rocker chic. Love. It. Especially perfect if you’re looking for festival wear.


  • Blog love: Calivintage. I adore Erin’s edgy, vintage style. She has a great balance between the preppiness of vintage style and the edginess of modern style. She has grown her blog into a brand and a business and is always on top of new designers and swoon worthy street style. Erin is totally on top of it and in about as high demand as a blogger can be, for obvious reasons! This is one multi talented blogger!


My Friday Fail on this fine Friday is no fail at all. It’s the first time in Friday Favorites history that I do not have a fail, but that in itself is a fail, is it not? But it is not for lack of failing, believe me, there are plenty of fail photos for the archives! It is because I wanted to share this Friday Awesomeness instead. As part of my Spring Crossroads Style Council package, I recieved this amazing illustration! I am in love with it!


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You know those weekends that you feel like you have so much to do, but you actually have nothing to do. Or at least, nothing of importance. That. Which can be a good thing, especially when I feel like I have a lot of changes coming up in the next couple of months and will be keeping busy preparing. I will share details soon!

So, super vague introduction, huh? How about some super specific Friday Favorite recommendations?

    • Listen to this: Greg Holden “She’s Got Something”. How many times have you seen the Prabal Gurung for Target commercial and heard the song and wished the commercial was longer so you could hear more of the song? Just me? Ok, well I know you would want to hear the whole song, so here. It’s Greg Holden. Thank you Shazam.
  • Read this: Modern Seinfeld. What if Seinfeld were still on the air today? I’ve let it be know that Seinfeld is my favorite show, of all time. I also tweeted about this Twitter. That’s how much I need you to read this. This is a Twitter full of Seinfeld story lines if it were still on the air today. The best part about it is that I can actually see these scenerios happening on the show. It only makes me miss new episodes more.


  • Watch this: Monsters University trailer. Please tell me that you’re excited about this movie. And please tell me that you too watched it everyday with your three year old cousin and not so secretly didn’t mind one bit. This one is right up there with Toy Story in my opinion and I have been patiently waiting for this movie. I could not be more inappropriately excited to see a children’s movie.
  • Eat this: Sea Salt & Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips. If you participate in Lent, chances are you are using it to keep up with healthy eating. I can’t remember the last time someone did not give up sweets or junk food during Lent. Nothing like the wrath of God to keep you in check! Anyway. Sweet potato “chips”. Thinly slice a sweet potato and bake, then toss with sea salt and vinegar. It could not be easier. It also could not be healthier. Ok, maybe if they were carrot chips, but let’s take it one step at a time. Sweet potatoes are a vegetable after all, the better of the potato family, and they aren’t being fried. If sweet is your thing, Taralynn also has a recipe for Honey Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips.


  • Wear this: Pamela Love NYC. So how many rings, bracelets, necklaces can I pile on before being deemed borderline crazy? Because Pamela Love NYC is driving me crazy and I am afraid if I get my hands on that jewelry, I might go a tad overboard.


  • Blog love: This Chick’s Got Style. It’s true. It’s in her name, so how can you not agree? Yara is gorgeous, talented, relatable, and from Amsterdam. I don’t know why it matters that she is from Amsterdam, but it definitely makes her that much cooler. She’s the God damn editor for Elle – Holland, so it’s really a no brainer. And, you can shop her closet. BRB, going to sell all my clothes so I can buy hers.


Friday Fail!

Why am I so aggressive?

And why do I continue to embarrass myself with photos like this?


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