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Happy Friday!

It has been nice to lay low these last could of days after the craziness of moving and starting a new job all at the same time. We celebrated my Mom’s birthday with a family dinner, home cooked by my brother, which is always a treat! I think I am still full from last night! The rest of my time home will be visiting with friends and family and then I am driving back down to LA solo.  I am aleady planning my next trip home for my cousin’s wedding in May!


Enjoy what I have enjoyed this week!

  • Adding anothing branch to his degrees of separation, Kevin Bacon is finally getting into the bacon business with this short web film.
  • Whoever this was, I would like to be friends with him. C-SPAN should have let him finish; The Fresh Prince of C-Span, ladies and gentlemen.
  • I know you don’t want to admit it, but everyone has binged watched NetFlix, Hulu, HBO, what have you. Do you know there are rules to binge watching? It’s not as easy as it seems!
  • An acoustic version of any song is usually better than the original. Hozier’s acoustic version of “Take Me to Church” is soul wrenching.
  • I used to use abbreviations when I texted, i.e. “U”, “2”, etc. My husband (then boyfriend) once made a comment that he didn’t like it, and I immediately began spelling out every work in texts, and still do to this day. Once he claimed he doesn’t remember saying that, but I’ve kept it up, and typically use proper puncuation, as well. I will never stop the use of my emoticons, however! What kind of texter are you?
  • I assume everoyone has seen Gone Girl by now. If not, don’t click the following link. If you have, you know why I, and the FBI, will be forever creeped out by Rosamund Pike.
  • A man bought thousands of undeveloped negatives from the 1950’s-60’s from an unknown photographer. What he found is stunning. Vivian Maier had a beautiful eye for street photography and it’s so wonderful that her work is now able to be shared.
  • Unless you are new to the blog, you know about my Backstreet Boys obsession. I thought I had seen it all, but I was mistaken. This commercial for Outlooks at Bealls from 1993 is my favorite thing of all time!
  • I am not ashamed: I am a selfie addict. I am also not exactly in love with museums, but I do tolerate them because my husband loves them. I think the best compromise would be to visit the world’s first selfie museum. Yes! The art in this museum is made for you to literally be in it. I’m sorry, I may be super vain, but this sounds like so much fun!
  • Arguably the best segment from The Tonight Show, Lip Sync Battle, is coming to Spike TV! I consider myself a pretty good lip syncer, as I am sure many of my fellow communtors would back me up on, so I think this show may be added to my TV rotation.
  • I take most Yelp reviews with a grain of salt – they seem like they are typically written by irrationally angry people who are projecting, without leaving any constructive criticism. A play off Jimmy Kimmels Mean Tweets, these restaurant staff reading mean reviews on Yelp is actually pretty funny.
  • I will leave you to start your weekend with a strangely adorable chipmunk yawning and streching like a tiny little furry person.

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Alright, it did not rain today, but the day I took these photos it sure did! Dare I say that it has been a bit chilly the last week or so in LA? I better not be jinxing it! I’ve been cuddled up in sweaters and blankets for the past few days, soaking in the rain and gray skies. Let’s be clear: “chilly” in LA is anything under 70. I know, we suck. To be fair, I would rather have cold weather in the winter. That makes you hate me more, right?

Besides weather, other things that are currently making me happy: work possibilites, “Spring” cleaning, and our new apartment. Yes, we found a new apartment and it is impossibly adorable! We get the keys this weekend and will have a couple of weeks for the moving process. I have been spending too much time on Pinterest for decor inspiration; We are planning on starting over and really making this place a home.

What are your favorite home decor inspiration sites?



// Jacket: Pac Sun // Sweater: Thrifted via Goodwill // Pants: H&M // Hat: Free People // Sunglasses: Found via Crossroads Trading Co //





Have you heard that I am now a contributing writer for the Crossroads Trading Co blog? My posts are published every Tuesday! Be sure to check out my post from yesterday about NYFW street style!


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Happy Monday!

I am still working on eating my way through the pound of chocolates from Valentine’s Day and I am so fine with that! We had a very simple date night, including dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Mud Hen Tavern, which is owned by Top Chef Master Susan Feniger, who is such a sweetheart and often brings out the food herself and will take the time to talk to you and thank you for coming. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please go there and order the kaya toast. There’s nothing more you will need in your life. After dinner, we went to see Meiko at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, which is the perfect venue; very small and intimate. It’s a wonderful place to discover new music. Although it was a short show, I had not seen her perform in a few years and was very excited to see her announce the last minute show! She just released a new EP that I very much recommend if you enjoy the singer songwriter sound.

photo 4

// Dress + Jacket: Urban Outfitters // Heels: Target // Purse: Found via Crossroads Trading Co // Necklace: c/o Crossroads Trading Co //

Oh the wrinkles! The dreaded wrinkles! I thought about ironing the dress before we went out for Valentine’s Day, and decided since it would wrinkle right back up the second I sat in the car, it was not worth my time. I apologize to those offended by wrinkles; I’m just lazy! they just do not bother me as much.

Speaking of the only thing needed in life: shift dresses. Give me a drapey dress, with no cling or shape, and I am a happy girl. A lazy, comfortable, happy girl!

photo 2

photo 1 (2)

photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (3)

photo 3

I am starting off this Monday with a ton of energy, and it’s giving me hope for a very productive week! Do you have any plans for this week? How do you keep your productivity going throughout the week?

photo 5

photo (4)

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With 9 days to go, I am busy, busy, busy! I’ve been working non stop on making sure this wedding goes smoothly! I am kind of obsessed with this outfit and have been wearing it a couple times a week. Other than this, I’ve been in leggings and tank tops. There’s no need to put much effort into getting dressed when I am just sitting on the computer and the phone, planning all day!

I have been a list making, DIYing, everything down to the teensy detail busy body the past few weeks! Wedding planning is super stressful, and somehow I kind of like it. Even when I compain and say I hate it and show a bit of my bridezilla side. I am so confident that everything is going to turn out so beautifully, I cannot wait to be able to share photos and tell you all about it!

I also can’t wait for the night where I get a full night sleep and not toss and turn with my wedding induced stress.




// Top + Jeans: Urban Outfitters // Denim Vest: Thrifted via Goodwill and DIY’d // Shoes, Hat, + Necklace: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co //

I have only done a couple of DIYs in my life, but this is my favorite. If you count cutting the sleeves off of a denim jacket as a DIY. With my lack of expertise, I certainly do!





We are nearing the end of summer and that means starting to layer summer pieces. I love being able to wear my summer pieces just a bit longer, like this sheer top, into the fall with layering!



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When I posted about the Crossroads Camp 2014, I mentioned that the style counil led four DIY stations for the Crossroads managers. Beth and I led the DIY distressed denim DIY table. When I say “Beth and I”, I mean Beth because I’ve only attempted to distress denim once and was very unsuccessful. Distressing denim is probably the easiest clothing DIY and I failed. I tried to redeem myseld with Beth’s instruction and I think I did pretty well! I may have gone a bit overboard, but I think the jacket turned out really cool! When Crossroads first sent me this yellow denim jacket, I was a little wary about the color, and then I found out how amazing it pairs with navy blue, or makes black pop, but since distressing the jacket, I have fallen in love!

My mom took these photos when I was visiting home. It is way too cute watching her take outfit photos! And isn’t her garden the cutest?!



// Denim jacket: c/o Crossroads Trading Co // Top: Forever 21 // Shorts: Melrose Trading Post // Belt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Hat: Marshalls //




I feel a bit urban cowgirl latey, and was too excited to find this belt at Crossroads the other day. You may be seeing a lot of it! I feel like this may be a repeat outfit the rest of the summer!

My mom is not a bad photographer, huh? Now I have no excuses to fall behind on outfit posts when I am in Sacramento!

Distressing denim is super easy!


  • 1. Denim piece: jeans, vest, jacket, anything you are interested in distressing
  • 2. Exacto knife
  • 3. Plastic cutting board

Technique:  Make swift incisions against the grain on the denim, wherever you want your denim to be torn. Afterwards, throw it in the washer and dryer and it should be ready to wear! The more you wear it and wash it, the looser the distressing will be. I would recommend that the first time you wash and dry the item, to do it on its own so you don’t get little pieces on other clothing.

This is what the jacket looked like after distressing and before washing. Check out Beth’s DIY tutorial on distressing denim! She is the expert!


Have you had success DIYing distressed denim? What is your favorite DIY? I would love to start DIYing reguarly!


Thanks again to my Momma for taking these photos for me!

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With our upcoming wedding being in Sacramento while we live in Los Angeles, I have been coming up to Sacramento a bit more often and staying just a little longer more than usual. When I am in my usual routine, I visit the gym 5-6 times a week and take my favorite group classes and maybe do a bit of running as well, but I don’t have access to a gym when I am home, because I am not about to pay for two gym memberships. I know there are gym memberships that allow you to use any of the locations in the state, or even country, and I wish I could afford one of those gyms, but my local Los Angeles gym is only $20 a month and I’ve really found classes and instructors that I enjoy and that is worth much more than unlimited access during traveling. I need the comradery to stay motivated!

Now that I have gone off on a tagent, my point is: it can be difficult to stick to a regular work out schedule when you are traveling and don’t have access to a gym. I have a not so secret solution for you, though!

jennifer beile seeking style blog bodyrock tv daily hiit at home work outs youtube work outs travel work outs sacramento los angeles style blog fashion blog lifestyle blog

BodyRockTV  // The Daily HIIT 

BodyRock TV provides daily workouts and 21 day, 30 day, and 60 day real time work out challenges. Sometimes the workouts in the challenges are just 12 minutes long.  I know you have 12 minutes a day! When I am following these challenges, I usually stack them and do about five in a row to make up a full hour or more of a bootcamp type class. There is equipment involved in the videos, like the sandbag or equalizer bar, but I just typically use two hand held weights instead. They are also very good at showing alternate ways to do the exercises if you need moderations or do not have the equipment. The HIIT: Hight Intensity Interval Training module is typically followed in their work out routines, which is the real secret of faster results. This is my favorite type of training. Stagnant exercises and long form running are much too boring for me!  In addition to workouts, if you follow their Facebook page or blog, you have access to extra tips and health topic discussions.

And let me tell you, doing a 12 minute workout does raise your heart rate and get you warm, but doing five rounds of these work outs can be killer! When I follow these videos, challenges and other daily workouts, I see results pretty quickly and even some definition in my abs, which is really difficult for me to achieve. You can find the workouts at the BodyRock TV web site, YouTube page, and Pinterest.

There are actually some advantages of having to work out at home, or at a park: you get to customize your work out and not be intimidated by others around you! Best of all, it’s free!

If you travel often, cannot afford a gym, or only have the 12 random minutes in a day to work out, I highly suggest checking out BodyRock TV and giving it a chance. No one every regrets a work out, especially not a 12 minute one!

Edit to add: After today’s HIIT sesson! Red faced, sweat pouring down and already sore.


Let me know if you check it out and if you’re interested, maybe we can form a little motivation group and go through a challenge together!

When you travel, do you try to keep up with your normal work out routine? Do you have any tips or tricks?

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I hope everyone in the States had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! The best part about any holiday for me is my family coming and spending time together. We had a smaller crowd than normal, but I had just as much fun this year as each past year. We attempted to fry our own corn dogs and mini candy bars, had some tasty sangria, and enjoyed a private fireworks show in our backyard hosted by my ever entertaining Dad and cousin.

I realized I do not own any red clothing, so I was a bit out of the color scheme for the holiday, instead wearing maroon, white and blue. It is the thought that counts!



// Top: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Melrose Trading Post // Denim Shirt: Thrifted via Crossroads Trading Co // Hat: Free People // Bra: c/o Triangl // Sunglasses: Nordstrom //

I cannot get this shirt untied from around my waist. It’s impossible. I’m stuck in the 90s and I don’t care. Also, my shorts are a little too short and it was a family party, so since I was already a bit risqué (or, naked as my Dad referred to me) on the top, it also helped to cover up a bit more. As much as I could bare in the high 90 degree heat, anyway! Style and function!





How did you celebrate holidays? Do you tend to keep them family events or to make plans with friends? Holidays have always been family-centric for me, probably because I grew up close in proximity to the majority of my family, so it has always been easy for us to get together for all the major holidays. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, my friends and I usually celebrate either a couple days before or after with our own party, which is nice because I get to share the holidays with friends and make those days last a little bit longer! I am a holiday whore, so any excuse to drag them out, I will use it. Repeatedly!

Fried candy bars, guns, family, and my dad jumping through fireworks. Can’t get more American than that!


p.s. My second billboard for the California Family Fitness 2014 campaign is up all around Sacramento! My totally realistic and not stupid goal at all is the climb up to the ledge and sit on the billboard next to myself and take a selfie with my billboard. The next billboard will be up in September, so I have a couple months to build up the nerve to try to get up there. It will never happen.


All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography.

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