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Warning: Lazy outfit ahead.

We all have those days or nights when we just need something to throw on for a last minute errand. Just because I am a blogger, does not mean that I can’t look a mess when I run out. In fact, I normally do. I am too lazy to try to look good when running out for twenty minutes. Call it my last minute uniform if you will.

I wore this during a recent late evening trip to Trader Joe’s to make portobello burgers, courtesy of Jessica’s blog of course.

By the way, I love going to the grocery store. I don’t know if it’s because I love food or because it makes me feel like a grown up. When I was unemployed, to entertain myself, I would walk to the grocery store daily. Yes, I consider grocery shopping entertainment.



// Sweater: Marshalls // Shorts: Forever 21 // Necklace: Brandy Melville // Flats: Target // Glasses: Chanel //

Side topic: I love things that make me feel like a grown up, like running errands and using the word “errand”.




Seriously, make these “burgers“. You will not miss the meat.


I think I love Trader Joe’s so much because of the samples. I will admit that I have stopped there before just for the sample. Even though I should be, I am not ashamed.



Oh yeah, and I wear glasses occasionally; to drive at night, to watch TV or movies, and to see what trees really look like.

And here ends my non sponsored post about Trader Joe’s.

You also now know that I am the most boring person on Earth.

All photos credit of Ugly Mug Photography

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So, who else wishes they were at New York Fashion Week? Yeah, me too. Goal for next year, perhaps?

Another week down, and this year is passing by so quickly. Although it won’t get cold until mid October or so, Autumn is definitely sneaking in. I am longing for pumpkin butter, deep oranges and reds, cozy sweaters, and the leaves changing.

Until then though, it is still hot as balls here. Technical term, of course.

After giving you that nice little picture there, I need to remind you to not forget to enter my Crossroads sponsored giveaway! <————-Click there!

  • Listen to this: The Griswolds. Not as in National Lampoon’s, as in the bandDo you like parties, monkey masks, and colored powered smoke? Perfect, then you’ll love this. The Griswolds just sound fun. Fun as in, listen to them now and your 9 to 5 will go by a lot faster and onto Friday night you’ll be! Sometimes I talk like Yoda.
  • Read this: Easier said than done? Breaking it down makes it seem so easy. My current goal? Making things happen.

    • Watch this: The Mindy Project. There is no way Mindy Kaling can get any more awesome, right? Wrong. Along comes The Mindy Project, and bam! Mindy exceeds the awesome spectrometer. Also, I she was on my plane once. I walked past her and saw she was tweeting, so I tweeted her that I was sitting two rows behind her. I might have creeped her out. I did not receive a tweet back.
  • Eat this: Pumpkin Butter. I told you, I cannot wait to eat pumpkin butter! Give me a jar and a spoon and I will be occupied for about 7 minutes. The second it is available at Trader Joe’s, I am stocking up! Or, I may try something crazy, and make it myself. It is so good on toast, banana bread, cottage cheese, oatmeal, cookies… No, really, I can keep going? Or just take my word for it and try it.

  • Wear this: Free People. Why, oh why, are you so perfect? Have you seen the Fall catalog? Perfection.

  • Blog love: M Loves M. Mara has effortless, girly, vintage inspired style. Not only is she basically the cutest blogger ever, but she shares really sweet recipes. Sweet as in awesome and yummy. Can’t beat that.

Friday Fail!
I am super cute, I know.

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