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What is the single most important factor in a workout? Motivation, drive, proper technique, dedication? No, music. Music, of course, it is music! When was the last time you went on a run in complete silence? Have you ever participated in a group exercise class without the speakers blaring so loudly that you cannot hear the instructor? Try a spin class without a music. I dare you. I was on a run once and my iPod died, and damn if you don’t believe me, but I stopped running and walked the rest of the way. I couldn’t get through the rest without music. I need it to distract me.

Working out is boring. There I said it. It’s boring and it hurts. Much like life in general, music makes working out so much better. I would not go as far as saying music makes working out fun, but it gets as close as it can.

As much as I love music, I do not constantly update my iTunes, iPod, iPhone, with new songs. I tend to stick to the radio and Spotify. This means that the songs on my iPhone, which I use for music when I am working out solo, have been the same for years. Yes, years. I need a change of pace, literally and figuratively. I’ve started to scour the internet to find new playlist ideas, because God forbid I write down my own favorite songs.


Here are playlist ideas that I am going to be mixing into my workout music!                                        Click the bold link to check out the play lists!

Do you want new songs recommended every month? I just found this web site, Run Hundred; users submit songs each month and vote on submissions of others. Each month, the a list of the top 10 songs is posted. It’s not just a great way to add to your work out playlist each month, but a great way to discover new music as well! Check it out here. Pst, and it’s free.


I need new running shoes. And a tan. Both, preferably.

What kind of music helps to keep you amped during your workout? What are some of your no fail songs or bands that will immediately perk you up in the middle of a hard workout? I’d love to see some suggestions for my new playlist in the comments!

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  1. cheyenne said:

    thanks for sharing! i didn’t have any good exercise music, just random songs on my phone. these lists look great, gonna try them out on my next run!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. Music is indeed one of the most important things in a workout. When I go on my long runs (13 to 18 miles) I would die of boredom if it wasn’t for my iPod…

  3. Lindsay said:

    I couldn’t do my long runs without music. Great post.

  4. Amanda said:

    Oh thanks for sharing. I need to refresh my workout music list… I totally agree music is a great motivator =)

  5. Jen said:

    I agree- music is so critical to a good workout! Loving those running shoes! xo

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